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“For far too long there has been a gaping hole in the cruising bookshelf – a comprehensive resource on taking your children along. Voyaging With Kids more than ably fills that hole by sharing the hard-won lessons from the book’s three authors, all of whom have done it, and by drawing on the experiences of other cruising parents and cruising kids.”

Beth Leonard, author of The Voyager’s Handbook

How do families go cruising? What do you need to know to take your kids off on a bluewater cruising adventure? How do you homeschool across an ocean? What happens when the voyage is over?

When our kids were babies and Jamie and I were lining up our exit strategy, none of the books on the chandlery shelves gave us a satisfactory answer to those burning questions. I’m thrilled to have partnered with two other cruising parents, Michael Robertson (Del Viento) and Sara Dawn Johnson (Wondertime), to co-author the book we wished had existed during our planning stages.

Voyaging With Kids was published in 2015 by L&L Pardey books and is available in both hard copy and ebook formats.

Between Sara, Michael and I, we have many miles of cruising experience as parents, and a breadth of children’s ages aboard. But our miles, our experience aside: what makes this book special is that it shares not just our perspective, but information we draw from scores of other families who have successfully gone cruising. We’ve seen first hand the range of boats, budgets and family sizes out cruising; by sharing a spectrum of these, we hope to help others visualize the unique way that their own cruising dreams can take shape.

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With vivid examples and dozens of anecdotes by families that are “out there,” Voyaging With Kids can be shared as an antidote to quell the fears of that grandparent / aunt / uncle / BFF. With color photos throughout, we hope to make the cruising life feel as real as possible. This isn’t just the book I wanted to read when we were formulating our plans; it’s the one I wanted to give my parents, to help them visualize what we eagerly anticipated for ourselves and their grandchildren.

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I’m deeply grateful to the many voices that added their perspective to help us make this a broad-based resource to help others. Because ultimately that is EXACTLY what this is all about- getting more families out here! It takes more than six pages to list these contributors in the back of the book, with links to help readers connect with their individual stories.

For more information (table of contents, reviews, inside peeks, links to video content), visit the Voyaging With Kids website.

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