Values statement

Hi! I’m Behan. I love sailing, I love traveling, I love sharing stories and photos from our adventures. I am grateful every day to be living this crazy/wonderful nomadic life with my family. In more than eight years of cruising with my kids, sailing around the world, I’ve learned a lot–and, I like sharing from that knowledge. It’s my hope that by relating our adventures, misadventures, favorite places or lifestyle tips I can make this feel approachable. My goal: inspire others to take the leap towards living more adventurously, whatever that means to them.

I don’t “sell” editorial posts of any kind. I don’t do paid reviews. Period/fullstop. Sometimes we are sent things to test, or provided services, in order to write about them based on experience. That’s awesome: we love testing gear! But getting something discounted or free doesn’t change my opinion on whether or not I’ll recommend it. What I write is exactly what I think. If I wouldn’t use something, I won’t recommend it.

So, how does this blog earn money? First, understand that it earns very little directly.  There’s a bit from Amazon affiliate links, like those in the list of recommended books for cruisers. No cost for the buyer, wee earning from the sale to me. I don’t use a ton of Amazon links because pushing products for teensy percentages is a waste of time for everyone. I’m paid by SAIL magazine for syndication in their SAILfeed blogger pool. For me, this is a great way to reach other people that we might infect with the cruising bug. It’s also welcome beer money, so they get a regular sundowner toast (slainte, SAIL crew!). The sprinkling of ad spaces bring some money in, too. I don’t chose the advertisers; they’re served up by ad networks. The blog’s trickle streams of income are just that. Trickles.

More important, indirect earning is sourced by this blog. It provides a valuable source of customers for my husband’s work as a sailmaker. In addition, Jamie and I also provide personal coaching to counsel anyone who wants to go cruising about how to make their dreams a reality, and people looking for those answers find us here.

The biggest reason I put time into content here? Because inspiring people to live more adventurously nourishes my spirit. Helping people this way is my #1 motivation to sit down and write and connecting with readers is icing on that cake. As such, that trust readers give me is exceptionally important.

This values statement is intended to make my ethics transparent, and prevent speculation about my recommendations, since I like to talk about things we use. Come visit us on Totem, and see for yourself! If you got this far – thank you! If you have any questions, get in touch.

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