Where is Totem?

Want to follow along? We track our travels and post position reports in a few different ways.

Daily updates

We do daily position reports on Farkwar when we’re on a passage, and update our anchorage there when coastal hopping. Our current Farkwar map is at the bottom of every page on SailingTotem.com, or, visit the website and “follow” to get email updates whenever we post a new position – we usually add a little note about what’s happening on board.

Totem Farkwar

Real-time (almost) updates

When we’ve got the GO! connected, our position (and speed, if we’re underway) is updated hourly on Totem’s PredictWind tracking page at forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/display/Totem. PredictWind provides these custom pages for Standard & Pro subscription customers using the GO!. Kinda cool to get the boatspeed in there as well!

PW map

Other tools

Because we use an AIS transponder, anytime our AIS signal is picked up by a shore-based station, it’s updated to these services like Vessel Finder or Marine Traffic; get them on a browser or mobile app.

marine traffic