Where is Totem?

Want to follow along? We track our travels and post position reports in a few different ways.

Virtually Realtime Updates
(with weather!) via PredictWind

When Totem’s IridiumGO! connected (which is most of the time), our position and speed is updated hourly on our PredictWind tracking page. That’s a live snapshot above, but you can bookmark/visit the page at forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/display/Totem.

The blogged posts at the bottom of the page are updates we can ping to the tracker while off the grid, using PW’s Offshore app for weather updates.

How do you get a tracking page? PredictWind provides these custom pages for Standard & Pro subscription customers using the GO!

Other tools

There are a range of other services for location mapping. They fall into two categories: those updated from services set up on the boat, and those that draw from a boat’s Automatic Identification System, and come with different features / pros & cons.

Other tracking services used by cruisers to share their profile, position, and more include NoForeignLand, FollowingSea (formerly CruiserSatNet), and Farkwar

Services that automatically pick up your AIS transponder’s ping are convenient, but rely largely on shore based stations. Totem’s location is updated by AIS updated to these services like Vessel Finder or Marine Traffic; get them on a browser or mobile app.

marine traffic

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