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Blown away by the underwater life

As posted last week- we have seen some incredible things underwater in Vanuatu. Our highlights have generally been from our snorkeling expeditions- completely counter to our expectations of what our memorable times here would be. We based ourselves in and around Havannah Harbour, at the north end of Efate island, for the better part of […]


Storian blong wanfala kenu Totem

Long long taem bifo i bin gat wanfala kenu Totem long smolfala aelan blong Bainbridge. Ol wan toktok blong Totem i gat wan gudfala plan. Hem wanem go long solwata lukluk aelan blong Pacific, longwei long not blong Bainbridge. Be wind i kam bigwan, solwara i rafraf. Afta wan dei, ol man blong Totem hem […]


Language lessons- Vanuatu edition

I’ve prided myself in learning a least a smattering of each local language- but reverting so some unappealing American ethnocentrism, I seem try English first in Vanuatu and am almost sorry to find that it works every time. I think I may have succombed somewhat to the disappointment of a fleeting stay in a place […]

Unexpected delights in Vanuatu

It's often best to arrive in a new place without too many expectations, so you are open to letting the experience of it flow. We often have the luxury of time. Not feeling rushed through a place helps us be open to opportunities for new experiences or learning as well- we aren't bent on trying […]

In other news…

Our son Niall is ending a dry spell on his blog with a post today- you can read about his first impressions of Vanuatu at http://adventuresontotem.blogspot.com/. ————————————————Posted via radio: we have no internet access

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