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Images from the Tuamotus

Totem has made landfall in Tahiti. While we process on being here (Tahiti! Center of many tropical dreams, here we are: in the very same bay where Bligh grew breadfruit saplings to take to the West Indies, and Cook came to watch the transit of Venus across the sun) …we have found the best wifi […]

We’re in the Tuamotus!

Totem is now in Makemo, in the Tuamotus. Yesterday's snorkeling adventure was nothing short of epic.. better clarity and more fish than we could ever have imagined. Listening to the girls squealing through their snorkels wasn't something we'll soon forget! Our radio is still not working (%&*$#@) and our internet access is limited, so the […]


Birthday Season

We recently had birthday season on Totem: all three of the children’s birthdays fall within a two-week span. It was been really fun to have lots of other kids boats around to share their special days. Each child is granted provisional king/queen for a day status on their birthday . What will we eat? What […]

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