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FAQ: Preparing for a Pacific crossing

Over the last few months, we’ve had a progressive number of questions from friends who are getting ready for their own Pacific crossing. I’ve aggregated the most common questions, and provided some information based on our experience this year. These answers are in the context of our 2010 path from La Cruz, Mexico (near Puerto […]


American Dream – the movie

Stuff. We all have an abundance of things that we don’t need, right? I’m pretty sure everyone reading this falls into that category. As we fulfill these artificial needs for a better TV, a newer car, a bigger house… what is the real cost? One of the big motivators for us to move onto the […]

We’re on the Today Show!

Not the show, but the affiliated website- either way- it's *very* exciting for us! Our family was recently included in a story by Laura Coffey as part of a series on homeschooling and traveling on TodayShow.com – "A moveable feast: For some, the world is a classroom." For newcomers to our site via MSNBC, welcome! […]

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