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“Stuck” in New Caledonia? I don’t think so!

We’re finally on our way to Australia, but our stay in New Caledonia stretched out from a few days (planned) to almost three weeks (definitely not planned). The primary reason was the weather, and our desire to make the final leg to Australia in good conditions. Fundamentally, there are a couple of ways to deal […]


Halloween in New Caledonia

Amazing what you can do with sunscreen and green food coloring. We keep finding more silver linings to our present situation: waiting in New Caledonia for a good window for our passage to Australia. Sure, it’s frustrating- we expected to be there by now, settling into a “home” marina in Cammeray… checking out the nieghborhood… […]


Haven’t we seen enough underwater?

With the weather delaying our departure from New Caledonia, we’ve had the chance to do a little exploring. Our first foray: the aquarium! The aquarium? After spending day after day after day snorkeling in pristine, world-class reefs these last six months? What could we possibly see? We piled onto a bus with Mike & Hyo […]


Breezing through New Caledonia

New Caledonia is unfortunately just a pit stop on the way to Australia for Totem. We’ve stopped here to allow ourselves a shorter passage to Oz, and the best weather information before departure. With our SSB down, we won’t be actively participating in the nets- minimizing time and maximizing advance info will help keep the […]


Old Home Week in Noumea

We hadn’t planned to stay at the marina in Noumea- like everything else in New Caledonia, it comes with a dear price. When we arrived on a Saturday morning, though, coming to the dock meant we could check in that morning- officials were on hand- instead of waiting for Monday and doing the rounds at […]

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