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In the company of friends

It turns out that an excellent way to temper the sadness of leaving good friends is to have reunions with old friends. Much like meeting the Coles again in Port Stephens, it reminds us how our paths can cross and recross- especially in cruising circles. Waiting for in Brisbane are friends from our more recent cruising history. […]


Friends in far away places

We’re on our way north, destination Brisbane. The weather is mostly not in our favor since the Northeasterlies that blow in the summertime have finally kicked in. Stopping off at Port Stephens, we were connected by Jarana with a couple from Seattle who live in the harbor. Turns out, we’d met them before: in 2003, at this […]


Marina living: finding our tribe

The garden has been a great source of local community for us, but the tightest community we find is always with fellow boaters. Last summer, the children had great company from the three girls living on the boat next door. We originally met the family on Tangaroa in French Polynesia. They got to Australia well […]


Special Delivery

The combination of traveling in places of scarcity, being frugal, or simply not having any options (very few stores in the coastal Baja desert) means we often just go without. On one hand, we have grown accustomed to doing without something we ‘need.’ Very rarely is it a true need anyway- it’s a desire, a […]


How passagemaking is like pregnancy

It’s been so exciting to see friends we made cruising in the US and Mexico get ready for their own departures for the Pacific islands. Most have now departed, and we’re reliving the passage vicariously as by following along a number of blogs. I traded email with our friends on Ceilydh today. They’re five days […]


Comments on the FAQ

Our friend Brian on the M/V Furthur, a Selene ocean trawler, reposted our FAQ on his blog and made some great additions from his perspective. We first met Brian in Mexico and expect to see him soon here in Sydney- he’s traveled many of the same miles along the way. I hope other cruisers can […]


Day 5 – Almost there

Sunrise in the Coral Sea The wind has backed to the Northeast, which means we’re running dead downwind. It’s also lightened up considerably to 10-15 knots. We motorsailed, which is easier on the autopilot, a more comfortable motion, and ensures we can get in during business hours on Friday. I’m devouring a stack of cast-off […]


Oso and IO, our comrades divine

As my good friends know, I like writing bad poetry to mark occasions (birthdays are a favorite). The was shared over a bowl of kava with our good friends from the M/V Oso Blanco and S/V IO, on the last evening we spent together in Fiji. We parted ways the next day: Oso remaining in […]

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