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Provisions in French Polynesia

Paths across the Pacific vary, but almost everyone goes to French Polynesia. Based on our experience, here’s what to expect in FP. Generally speaking, what’s available varies by island group. Marquesas:As the first landfall after weeks at sea, it’s impossible to resist the lure of fresh produce. Like everything in FP, though, it will cost […]


Last days in French Polynesia

It all goes too quickly- somehow, we have spent three months in French Polynesia, although it feels like we’ve barely arrived and only scratched the surface of what this diverse, beautiful island nation has to offer. Our arrival in Bora Bora was charmed. We’d heard the moorings were full, but one opened up *right* in […]


Language Lessons

I wish I didn’t know so much French. The truth is, I know very little, but it’s just enough to get in the way of learning local languages here. Among the core reasons we choose this lifestyle is not a desire to separate, but to connect: to continuously learn and expand our experience in the […]


small delights and surprising things about French Polynesia

* Voila is a common and useful word * Baguettes, warm from the boulangerie, are a bit of heaven * Island time absolutely exists * French brie is cheaper than “cheeze product” * Hitchhiking is so safe and common, if you’re walking on the road (and there’s usually only one, anyway)- cars may pull over […]


Huahine Idyll

In general, Huahine has less tourism than French Polynesia’s other Society Islands- it’s nice to walk through a town not oriented toward the tourist trade, slide into the rhythm of life, and find ourselves wishing we had weeks, even months, to linger. The day after we arrived, we heard about performances being held on the […]


Waiting out weather on Moorea

Thanks to the weather, we spent quite a few more days longer on Moorea than we had planned. We were initially disappointed- our Visa for French Polynesia expires in just a few weeks, so our remaining days here are rapidly dwindling. We had hoped to spend less time in Moorea so that we could allocate […]

A few other boats we know about…

After posting their last entry, I started thinking about the other people we knew selling boats, and realized there are actually a few people! Our friends, the Boren family, got a classic case of four-foot-itis (except their new boat is a TAD BIT MORE than four more feet!) are selling their trusty Pearson 365, Third […]

Want to start cruising? in Tahiti? Now?

We met a lovely family in Mexico; dad Jim and son Brendan sailed the boat from Mexico to the Marquesas this season. They're getting ready to head home, and selling the boat. It's always been a short term cruise for them, but it sounds like the boat could keep going! These are the guys who […]

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