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Canning on board: papaya chutney

Some amount of eating from cans is a reality for most cruising boats. Between limited refrigeration, passage making (19 days at sea to the Marquesas!), and minimal resources available in some of our destinations- it’s necessary to keep our bodies happily fueled. Provisioning staples for six months – Mexico, 2010 Much better than buying commercially […]


Sailing the Farm

One of my favorite books I read during the years we only anticipated cruising was Ken Neumeyer’s Sailing the Farm. Long out of print (but downloadable online!), the contents live somewhere between back-to-the-land movements and the anti-establishment ideals of the late 60s counterculture. It’s packed full of ideas for growing your own food aboard and […]


A well fed crew is a happy crew

Among the cruising truths I had to relearn was how important it is to have easy meals prepared in advance. The stove was gimbaled, but apparently still not level…lopsided cake is a hazard of galley cooking. People, this is cruising 101. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I glossed completely over it in our preparation. Apparently, […]


Aussieisms: Cherries are for Christmas

We plunked ourselves down around the community tables in the marina last Friday for our weekly barbecue. The informal “it’s going to happen anyway” gathering is comforting in its unplanned simplicity…we love this regular reconnection with our boaty neighbors. Plates of munchies were around. Jacqui brought out a bowl full of fresh cherries, sighed, and […]


Aussieisms: the sausage sizzle

Anyone remember the Tourism Australia campaign from way back where Paul (Crocodile Dundee) Hogan said he’d put “another shrimp on the barbie” for you? Aussies would never use the word shrimp: here they are prawns, thankyouverymuch. But they do love their barbies, and what you’ll find most often on an Aussie barbie is a sausage (also […]


Community garden counterpoint

Here’s another reason I’m so grateful for our commuity garden.The organic produce available in our area looks like this: Hello, masses of unnecessary plastic packaging. You too, shrink-wrapped food. Not too pleased to see you, styrofoam trays. Whoa, $6.50 for a l’il bunch of green beans? or TWO heads of garlic? For friends at home, […]


Vegetable porn

There was plenty of fruit in the Marquesas, but precious few fresh veggies beyond long-storage varieties. If you wanted, you could pay $12 for a plastic-sealed bag of rapidly ageing lettuce in the Tuamotus. Through most of the islands, familiar fresh veggies were scarce. It was fun to work out things to do with the omnipresent starchy […]


Feed the body, feed the soul

Something I’ve missed about living on land is having a garden. Oh, sure, you can put pots on the deck for boat style patio gardening- but that’s highly impractical while cruising. Aside from the harsh environment (salt spray is foe to the hardiest!), quarantine in most countries generally won’t welcome live plants. Thanks to a […]

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