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General silliness

During our last days in Fiji, we anchored in the beautiful island that is Navadra at the north end of the Mamanuca island chain, in company with our friends on IO and Oso Blanco. Earlier during our Fijian stay, the boys had each acquired a sulu- the Fijian man-skirt. We anticipated having Jamie wear it […]


While we’re away…

Totem is en route to Vanuatu right now. Depending on the wind, we’re expecting a transit of three to four days. For the curious, we post our location from sea once or twice a day via Winlink and YOTREPs. They’re both linked at the top right of our blog, just below the subscription box. I […]


Gorgeous hike

Anchored at Waya island with IO, we also were able to catch up with our friends on Syzygy, and planned a little adventure. We’d been eying the mountains around the bay since we arrived. Even cruising down the west side of the island before turning into the south bay, Niall and I sat on deck […]


Making friends

We spent several days anchored off a village at the south end of Waya island. It’s stunning, and we found a warm welcome from the residents. One of my favorite memories is from this particular evening: Our children had spent the morning at the school village: helping with English lessons, sharing experiences, making friends. That […]


Visiting school: Yalobi village

We spent two days visiting the school in Yalobi village. Children come here from all four villages on Waya island. Because of the distance between villages (and, oh, probably something about the mountains between them), they begin boarding here at age 6. With an enrollment of 150, it nearly doubles the size of the village. […]


Fiji’s Yasawa islands

It’s been a few busy weeks on Totem. For most of September, we wound our way through beautiful islands at the northwest end of Fiji- the Yasawa island group. These islands are so dramatically different from the lush green of the windward side of Vanua Levu. It’s extremely dry- not only are we at the […]


Local treats

Considering how food obsessed I am, related discussion has been pretty absent here. That stops now! Food in Fiji has been a treat for the senses. My favorite finds are usually in the public “farmer’s” market. Vendor in the Savusavu market, arranging her wares The prettiest of all: this seaweed, called sea grapes. I love […]


The real “Friendly Islands”

I’m going to make a gross generalization: Fijians are the friendliest people in the world. A few days ago, we went with Mike and Hyo (of IO) to look for a path up to the ridge behind the creek where we’re moored. There is a radio tower up there, and we saw power lines, so […]

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