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Out for the weekend

This past year has been a relatively land-oriented one for us…it’s also been one that once again gave “weekday” and “weekend” definition in our lives. When started to get cold last winter (yes… Australia does have winter), we really went into hibernation. With Totem at the dock, her crew bundled up, our lives felt very […]


Gorgeous hike

Anchored at Waya island with IO, we also were able to catch up with our friends on Syzygy, and planned a little adventure. We’d been eying the mountains around the bay since we arrived. Even cruising down the west side of the island before turning into the south bay, Niall and I sat on deck […]


The real “Friendly Islands”

I’m going to make a gross generalization: Fijians are the friendliest people in the world. A few days ago, we went with Mike and Hyo (of IO) to look for a path up to the ridge behind the creek where we’re moored. There is a radio tower up there, and we saw power lines, so […]


Placid waters

Another snapshot of Tonga… we anchored for 3 days off the eastern island of Kenutu. Niall and Bear explored by kayak; we found brackish caves, the rugged seaward coast, and an army of cowries in the seagrass.


Indelible memories

Our travels opened opportunities to create some amazing memories with our children. This past week, one such gift came in the form of an encounter I’m not sure any of us will forget: holding month-old tiger cubs at the Vallarta zoo. Their bellies full after guzzling down bottles of formula, the cubs were undeniably adorable. […]


things I’m loving… part 1 of a bunch

Hiking with friends! From climbing up the ridge above Puerto Don Juan with Jaime (s/v Don Quixote) this summer, to last week’s ridge hike with PJ… source of the amazing panorama shot below, and one off-kilter timer picture of the two of us. Good times. Who says skirts don’t make good hiking wear, anyway? Sorry, […]


Favorite memories from fall in the Sea

A friend of ours said recently, sometimes it’s better to just shut up and show the pictures. I can’t argue! Herewith, some of our favorite memories captured since returning to Mexico, sailing in Sea of Cortez. Jamie and the kids, fishing from the dinghy at sunset- Isla Carmen Hiking the hills behind the San Juanico […]


Scenes from San Blas

We arrived in San Blas on April 4th- just for a few days, you know. Well, it looks like “a few days” means “about two weeks” when interpreted through our low-key, low-risk approach to cruising! At one point we did actually decide the tides and weather looked right for a dash to Isabel Island. However, […]

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