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The liveaboard kid posse

For most of 2011, the Totem swabbies didn’t have any other children on boats around them. It was one of our big motivators for moving up to Brisbane, and it’s played out even better than we imagined. Foremost was the girls’ reunion with Maia. When they parted ways in Mexico in 2010, Siobhan sobbed for […]


Collecting plastic garbage from our waters

The children have been on a mission to collect and dispose the garbage that floats in the water around the marina. Seeing plastic trash litter the shores of pristine islands, thousands of miles from anywhere, left an impression. We might talk about the impact of consumption and pollution around the main cabin table now and […]


The continuing saga of the marina geese

A few weeks ago I wrote about the heartbreaking state our resident marina gander, Peter. He was in deep mourning for his longtime mate Paul. The crew in the marina and shipyard decided something needed to be done, and new geese were acquired in a mission that included the children, who trekked to a farm well outside […]


Halloween in Sydney

2008 – Malibu, California2009 – Santa Rosalia , Mexico2010 – Noumea, New Caledonia …and now, 2011: Sydney, Australia.It feels a little odd to be in warm and sunny weather for Halloween Four years, four different countries for our family on Halloween. Every place we’ve been does it a little differently. Here in Australia, the holiday is […]


Marina living: finding our tribe

The garden has been a great source of local community for us, but the tightest community we find is always with fellow boaters. Last summer, the children had great company from the three girls living on the boat next door. We originally met the family on Tangaroa in French Polynesia. They got to Australia well […]


Feed the body, feed the soul

Something I’ve missed about living on land is having a garden. Oh, sure, you can put pots on the deck for boat style patio gardening- but that’s highly impractical while cruising. Aside from the harsh environment (salt spray is foe to the hardiest!), quarantine in most countries generally won’t welcome live plants. Thanks to a […]


The biggest lure in a hotel room

The best part of Alison’s visits are the time to hang out and catch up. She was on Totem this week, which I am really sorry to have missed (new job = some travel). We often end up ordering food and just gabbing away in her hotel… we’ve had some take-out pizza or sushi fests […]


Niall’s blog

Our son Niall changed the address for his blog a little while ago, but busy mama here only just got around to updating the link on our right nav! You can read about our travels from the perspective of an 11 year old here.

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