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Day 4 – Fickle Autopilot

Big news today- we GYBED! Yes, it’s exciting things like this that make the day of the passage sailor. Petrels circling Totem The autopilot needs to be babied. When he opened up the gear box for another lube, Jamie found brass shavings- a sign the planetary gears are wearing. At least we replaced the plastic […]



Most of the things people say they worry about when they hear about how we live… well, they generally aren’t things I worry about. Pirates. Storms. “What if something happens?” type stuff. Without belittling these possibilities, the risks are sometimes more about fear of the unknown, and the known factors are all things we manage […]

Radio fail

Once again, our SSB radio has failed. It’s very frustrating. The symptoms are similar to what we experienced during our Pacific crossing in April– namely, it won’t tune up. We aren’t trying to transmit, because that can only damage the unit. When we crossed from Mexico to the Marquesas in April, transmitting after failing to […]

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