Here’s a roundup of what we’re reading: people we’ve met, people we hope to meet, and a smattering of resources. Cruising blogs come and go, but these are active at this writing (June 2014). 

Cruisers we have shared the water with: 

S/V Bobbie SE Asia. We overlapped in La Cruz… caught up in PNG… Emily’s taking time out to write but Bobbie is waiting in Borneo for her
S/V Ceilydh Circumnavigators. Made great memories in Mexico… and then again in Australia… and then across the Indian Ocean!
S/V Delos Circumnavigators. From our home waters! We shared anchorages in the Pacific, caught up in Australia…now meeting up in the Indian Ocean
M/V Furthur SE Asia. Brian’s crew is cuter than yours.
S/V Galactic Pacific. We followed this family’s blog a while before intersecting in Australia: now amid awesome travels through Patagonia
S/V Hotspur Pacific. We met them when they were kown as Windfall… see, people know you by your boat name! Many miles in MX/Central America, now across the Pacific
S/V Jacaranda Pacific. Chuck and Linda mentored us during a hurricane season in Mexico; they now spin adventures into the Pacific islands
S/V Leu Cat Circumnavigators. Dave writes prolifically about many aspects of the cruising life!
S/V Swell Pacific. Met the awesome Liz in Huahine… she helped me reclaim my green thumb with a wee basil plant, before the sea won again
S/V Tahina Circumnavigators. Frank and Karen are so fun to be around, you might miss the fact he’s the Google Earth guru. Don’t! he’s got great info

Cruisers we hope to meet someday: 

S/V Carina Pacific. Virtually introduced by mutual friends, they’re from our home waters
S/V Ceol Mor Texas. Refit refit refit GO!
S/V Convivia Pacific Hoped to meet them in Brissie, but then we bailed on the whole staying-in-Oz thing
S/V Del Viento Pacific. Cruising again, this time with kids. One of my wonderful co-authors for Voyaging With Kids.
S/V Estrellita 5.10b Pacific. Livia makes me want to take up kiteboarding. Love the photos
S/V Majestic US east coast. Chesapeake liveaboards, former cruisers raising two kids afloat
Pacific Sailors Cruising ruminations on a variety of subjects and Pacific Mexico cruising information from a salty couple of sailors
Windtraveler Caribbean. Liveaboards in the BVIs raising three girls and loving life afloat, with lovely reflections and helpful information
Zero to Cruising Caribbean. Starting from scratch while sharing what they learn, a resource for going

…swallowed the anchor, but great reads: 

S/V Wondertime Pacific. From Puget Sound to New Zealand with two young daughters, now land traveling by campervan. Sara is one of my wonderful co-authors for Voyaging With Kids
S/V Rebel Heart California. Ashore for now but afloat again someday, and meanwhile actively blogging their minimalist lifestyle in San Diego
S/V Bubbles Circumnavigator. Captain Alex closed the loop in 2011, and tragically passed away in 2013 at age 28. As his blog shows… he lived life to the fullest
S/V Don Quixote Pacific/NZ. Leading up to departure from Puget Sound, Toast kept me sane with our stolen Thai lunches to talk about all things boaty
S/V Eyoni Mexico/Central America. Parked for now, we share indelible memories in Mexico. Nancy’s photographs are simply spectacular!
S/V Dreamkeeper Circumnavigators. Gar and Nicole have a fun blog to reference, and their Dreamkeeper website is where gorgeous photos and thoughtful writing really sing
S/V IO Pacific Cruise. We traveled many Pacific miles in company with Mike and Hyo!

Cruising resource reads: 

The Boat Galley An excellent cruising cookbook, this site is also chock full of helpful tips beyond the galley based on Carolyn Shearlock’s years of practical experience afloat
Bluesipp Track library is being torpedoed by changes in Google Earth, sadly, but has been a great resource for track files from cruisers
Boat Bits Caribbean liveaboard. I love RLWs reflections, and find him spot on time and time again.
Interview with a Cruiser Common questions addressed by seasoned cruisers: a great resource for anyone planning to go cruising
The Monkey’s Fist Blog Aggregator. Great resource for reading about the different ways that the same subject is addressed by cruisers, from provisioning to relationships
Noonsite Cruising Guides. Accuracy varies by region, but it’s by FAR the best digital guide out there. We contribute updates from our experience and encourage others to do so as well
S/V Ocelot Circumnavigators. Extremely practical, useful information about the regions they’ve cruised; I’ve referenced the Hacking family’s site for a lot of Pacific and SE Asia cruising info
The Sailing Podcast Podcast interviews with sailors of all stripes, including some interesting cruisers talking about how they tackle their adventures
SailLoot Podcasts and blog posts with a focus: how do you plan and budget for cruising?
S/V Soggy Paws Pacific Guides. Sherry has created mini-guides that cover areas Soggy Paws has cruised- valuable resources for those getting off the beaten path
Women and Cruising Women’s perspectives on all manner of cruising topics

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