Ask the Cruiser

Do you have questions about cruising? Maybe we can help.

Sailboat with Anaho Bay Mountains

Totem in Anaho Bay, Nuku Hiva, in French Polynesia’s Marquesa Islands

An important part of the cruiser ethos is to help your fellow humans, whether it’s lending a tool or pondering a mechanical fix with a friend in a remote anchorage. We enjoy sharing from our experience, as others have done with us, and welcome questions via email. We seek to be open, humble, and practical in our guidance or feedback.

How can we help you?

We don’t claim to be perfect or know the one and only best way to do something. However, we’ve amassed a fair bit of experience: from how to downsize, financing cruising, outfitting a boat with equipment and sails, and real-world aspects of living the dream.

  • Ask the cruiser! If you are wondering about how to make the jump to go cruising and what it’s really like, chances are we’ve experienced or thought about it.
  • Ask the sailmaker! Jamie has years of experience as a professional sailor and sailmaker, advising boats on sail plan, design, and rigs. He can help you get the right sail at an excellent value (and, your purchase will help us keep cruising!), but he’s happy to just offer guidance and advice as well. He also shares advice on posts tagged ‘sailmaker’ in the blog.
  • Ask the cruising mom/dad! Our children were 4, 6, and 9 when we moved aboard. We’ve now cracked well into the teen years, and have learned a few things along the way about kids on boats.
  • Ask the cruising kid! Now and then the kids can be cajoled to answer questions from their perspective, too.
  • Ask the off-the-beaten-track cruisers! We’ve chosen to cruise in areas where the conventional cruising paths seldom stray, and found it incredibly rewarding. Nervous about breaking out? We can help.
  • Just ask!
Kids hike to sailboats in the bay at San Juanico

Hiking back to the anchorage in San Juanico, Baja California Sur

Whatever it is, we’ll help you if we can and try to redirect you if we can’t. Please understand if we aren’t able to respond right away; access to the internet can be intermittent.

Urgent question or serious need?

If you’d like considered advice with our focused attention and a commitment to replies even when we’re at sea, we’re happy to work with individuals on a retainer basis. Just get in touch, and we’ll make a plan with you.

Sailboats in the bay at Isla San Francisco

If you cruise in Baja, this shot of your boat in Isla San Francisco is de rigeur!

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