The biggest lure in a hotel room

The best part of Alison’s visits are the time to hang out and catch up. She was on Totem this week, which I am really sorry to have missed (new job = some travel). We often end up ordering food and just gabbing away in her hotel… we’ve had some take-out pizza or sushi fests in her posh downtown rooms.

This is always a mini adventure for the children. Without a TV on the boat, you’d think they would make a beeline for the remote, right?


Apparently, the lure of the BATHTUB is even sweeter.

they LOVE the bathtub
“Trying” to avoid having a picture taken… at least they gave it an appropriate blur.

The girls were pruned before they let Niall have his turn. And then they  had to jump back in anyway.

they LOVE the bathtub
Then, of course, they hammed it up. Silly kids

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