We’re currently working our way north from Zihuatenejo to Banderas Bay. This is generally considered the uphill direction, although we were lucky and had light southerlies for much of the first half of the distance. The worst we can say of that trip was that we had foul current and didn’t catch any fish. OK, we didn’t catch any choice fish: there was a skipjack (a fish most cruisers turn their noses up at) which we turned into excellent sushi. Oh, how easily I digress into food.

So anyway, here we are, beating upwind back to Zihua. I suppose that having to go upwind is making up for our easy ride earlier, but it’s been great. Because the wind has basically been coming from exactly the direction we want to go, and sailboats just can’t do that, we are running a zig-zag course off the coast to make progress in our desired direction. We used our angles earlier in the day to play land and sea breezes, and make pretty good distance. The afternoon breeze filled in and things got downright exciting for a while, but the seas have generally been mellow- none of the square chop we’ve had to bash into before. This is perfectly lovely.

Which way is up?
Making bread underway. The stove is level, because it’s gimballed… everything else is cattywompus.

I’m going back on deck to enjoy the ride and the waxing moon.

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  1. Doug and Carla Scott February 22, 2010 at 7:42 am #

    Enjoy the wind (and the bread) while it lasts. What a wonderful journey!

    Are the Jessie’s still aboard?

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