Indian Ocean lookback: people, the best of IO cruising

The Indian Ocean looms large in the minds of many sailors: it’s a challenge, the daunting stretch of water (followed by the big miles of the Atlantic) that prompts many to park their boats in Australia or Southeast Asia and say “done.” It’s a kaleidoscope of history, languages and landscapes. And yes, it was challenging, […]

Last days in Thailand

Cruising is hard work. Really. Our punch list to have Totem ready for the Indian Ocean is shrinking but it’s constant daily effort to track towards an end of month departure. Even when we’re relaxing, like those lazy weeks up in Koh Phayam, we’re not on vacation. I made this list of things Jamie did […]

How far would you travel to see friends?

We just spent an amazing week with old friends from Seattle. Our history together dates to a new parent’s group we shared with our firstborns 14 years ago, but the real surprise is that Jamie and T.A. didn’t meet earlier since they were both working with the America3 campaign in 1992. It’s funny to think […]


We’ve longed for friends & family to visit, to share the beauty of Mexico and a peek into our nomadic life. Our wishes were answered in a big way this past week! First were our old neighbors from Bainbridge Island. Although Jocelyn and I are SURE we were on a soccer field in Jakarta together […]