Top Ten Snorkeling Spots

What are the top ten snorkeling spots we’ve visited? Sitting in the cockpit as we left our anchorage at sunrise this morning, Jamie and I talked through our favorites. Remembering each one is like talking about an old friend: recalling good times, personalities, and what occupied our lives at the time. The reefs off Misool […]

More underwater loveliness

We had a lot of comments on the underwater photos, so I thought I’d share a few more. Raja Ampat was simply breathtaking. Several people asked what kind of camera we use- ours is a Canon Powershot D20. It’s just a nice point-n-shoot, not a fancy setup (but I learned that if you’re fancy you […]

Misool Eco resort: a slice of heaven

The Misool Eco Resort is nestled in another string of islands below our nook in the karst maze. We’ve heard about this beautiful place from other cruisers who stopped by in the last few years, and were excited to spend a few days here and see it for ourselves. The beautiful Misool Eco Resort We hoped […]

Southern Raja Ampat’s underwater drama

Raja Ampat underwater is one stunning tableau after another Raja Ampat is famous for its marine life: it is alleged to be among the most biodiverse in the world. Every time we put our heads underwater we are reminded of the incredible drama below the surface. Finally, I can share some of it here! After […]

Blown away by the underwater life

As posted last week- we have seen some incredible things underwater in Vanuatu. Our highlights have generally been from our snorkeling expeditions- completely counter to our expectations of what our memorable times here would be. We based ourselves in and around Havannah Harbour, at the north end of Efate island, for the better part of […]