At anchor in Comoros’ Moheli Marine Park

One of the draws for Comoros (outside my personal destination trifecta of minimal tourism, interesting culture, and natural beauty) is the marine park. The first protected area in Comoros, it encompasses nearly half the coastal waters off the island of Moheli – a day sail from our landfall destination of Anjouan. The park is dominated […]

Glorious underwater life in Maldives

Cruising in Maldives is ALL about the stunning water and marine life. Unless we’re in transit from one place to the next, we’re spending hours underwater on most days: jetting off to a reef as early as 7:30am, hauling ourselves back to the boat as late as 5pm. It started on arrival in Uligan, where […]

Confessions of a reef snob

In than forty minutes of water time at Richelieu rock, we saw more intense marine life than we have seen anywhere in Thailand by a wide margin. Local fishermen knew all about this gold mine of fish, and helped Jacques Cousteau discover be the last person to “find” it- he’s said to have popularized the spot for […]

Richelieu rock: a spark of spectacular marine life

Richelieu rock is an oasis in the desert of overfishing that is Southeast Asia. This pinnacle sits near the southern end of the Mergui archipelago, climbing around 130 feet from the shallow waters  of the Andaman sea about twenty miles off from the coast of Thailand. It was time to wind back to the mainland […]

Underwater in Thailand’s Similan Islands

I might have maligned the Similans a bit by pointing out that the coral is kinda dead, the diversity is lacking, and the tourists outnumber almost everything else. It’s true, but it’s not the whole story. The truth is that we still had a great time and saw some amazing things underwater. It’s just not […]

Tioman underwater: better than expected

We had surprisingly good snorkeling at Tioman Island by just jumping off the boat from our mooring near the village of Tektek. A controversial marina was put in here not long ago, against a great deal of pressure from environmental concerns and with the expected lack of transparency. The quality of the reef exceeded expectations. […]

The last reef in Sarawak?

Before taking off across the S China Sea, we anchored out near the western point of Sarawak to give ourselves an easy, early morning departure. It also happened to be a spot with, shockingly, a sweet little reef to explore. We’ve gotten used to being anchored in a marine park while local boats actively fish […]

Back in pretty water again: Pulau Gaya

Resort life is great, but what we love most is to be anchored in a quiet bay, with a nice beach and clean water to explore above and below. Back at home in Puget Sound, it was a lark to anchor off the city for floating front row seats to a waterfront concert- but it’s […]

Top Ten Snorkeling Spots- Part 3

Maybe we should subtitle the blog “a family snorkelizing around the world.” We love getting underwater, and  it shows! Our favorite five are epic; the next five are pretty spectacular too. Yet it was so hard to just share ten favorites, I can’t resist sharing the other places that loom large in our memory. They […]

Top Ten Snorkeling Spots- Part 2

What are the top ten snorkeling spots we’ve visited? The last post covered our top five all time favorites; this is the next in line. They are also amazing underwater experiences, but didn’t hit on quite as many dimensions. Still, each one is a spectacular and unique destination that provided extremely memorable snorkeling. They’re all […]