A relaxed delivery from Komodo to Bali

Delivery mode isn’t something we really enjoy, but it’s a reality at the moment. I have a flight to the states to catch, and it won’t wait for me. There are enough nets, fishing boats, FADs and debris that we don’t feel comfortable being underway at night, so it’s a series of four day hops […]

Exploring in beautiful Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is made up of a stunning archipelago of islands between Flores and Sumbawa, Komodo island the largest. The cruising reports we’ve read talk about the brown, arid landscape- but what we find is lush and green, well watered from the end of the recent rainy season. Another advantage to traveling off the […]

Labuan Bajo: back in tourist country

We are working our way toward Labuan Bajo, the town at the west end of Flores. There, for the first time in many months, we’ve converged with the popular tourist track. Labuan Bajo is crowded with shops and restaurants geared towards visitors, from well-heeled adventurous souls to shaggy backpackers. The lure is the adjacent Komodo […]

The lovely islands of Riung

Picking our way between reefs into Riung offered plenty of excitement for Jamie, Hyo and me but was just another day underway for Siobhan. She crashed for a cockpit nap as we wandered through the pretty string of islands that make up a park near the town of Riung. We decide to find a spot […]

Westbound on Flores

It takes five painful days for our visas to be extended in Maumere. With every night we spend in the rolly anchorage, I get a little more cranky – it’s really hard to get a good nights’ sleep, and the constant motion is a strain. I’ll take sailing through the big, (long period!) ocean swells […]

Portraits from the market

One of the most enjoyable ways for me to get in tune with a local community is to visit the public market. Markets are hubs of life: you see what people eat, what they wear, how they interact. Oh, and it’s a good place to pick up fresh provisions- yes, that too. I steal away […]

The beautiful textiles of Flores island

Indonesia has a rich variety of textiles produced and used. Just as the archipelago is a kaleidoscope of cultures, the variation in textiles produced (and how they are used) varies significantly from one island or region to another. The technique known as ikat (originally a Javanese word, which means tied, or knotted) is produced with […]

Playing tourist around Maumere

There’s a deadline for us to get to Maumere and submit our passports to Immigration for a visa extension, so while we could happily linger at Pulau Hoga it’s time to head south. It’s a bumpy ride for a couple of days. I’m just a little grumpy because it makes life a little more challenging. […]