And then the Lamborghini drove off the dock

When I returned to the Miri marina from provisioning with a friend, there was an entirely new class of transportation lined up in front of the well-used sailboats and Malaysian Marine ships. One metallic blue machine edged out onto the wooden platform over the water, wooden boards creaking loudly underneath. OK, it didn’t actually go […]

Sat around with your neighbors lately?

How different would communities be if the neighbors all sat down together to relax and talk for an hour or so- say, once a month? Once a week? In the Miri marina, there’s a nightly bring-your-chair-and-beverage gathering at the end of Dock B. We didn’t solve the world’s problems, but we speculated about the marina’s […]

Dancing with Oil Rigs

Heading south from Brunei, a beam swell gives our gimbaled stove a gentle sway and does half the work of scrambling eggs for me.  We have a rare treat to go with them this morning: breakfast sausage! I learned to make our own when breakfast links turned out to be an uncommon cold case item […]