From Sabah to Sarawak with the BIYC

Taking part in the Borneo International Yacht Challenge was the perfect way to get ourselves north up the coast of Borneo. The event is a series of harbor races divided by two overnight passage races. It started from Miri, Sarawak- the southernmost of Malaysia’s Borneo provinces- and ended in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, to the north, after […]

Exploring the market: Miri, Malaysia

We scooted up the Sarawak coast to Miri to converge with the beginning of the Borneo International Yacht Race. Joining rallies hasn’t really been our thing on Totem. Generally speaking, being on someone else’s schedule and with whole lot of other boats in proximity doesn’t jibe with our style- but after being by ourselves for […]

Welcome to Malaysia!

Sailing into the beautiful islands in the bay off Kuching, we talk about what seems new and different in Malaysia compared to Indonesia. It’s impossible to resist making comparisons like this when we arrive in a new country. The transition from Papua New Guinea to Indonesia was particularly stark. The shift as we travel Indonesia to […]