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Thinking with my stomach

I have to admit, much the cooking on board is lately has been pretty uninteresting. As we work across the Pacific islands, we commonly go in spurts of a couple of weeks without access to fresh produce. There are plenty of long term staples on board, but there’s really no good substitute for a crunchy […]

Oh, the baguettes…oh, the fruit…

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m pretty food obsessed…although there is still much to learn and experience, my first impressions here are centered around things to eat. A culinary introduction to the Marquesas is all about the fruit and baguettes. I wondered how hard it would be to break my tortilla habit from Mexico, but […]

Rendezvous in the big blue

24 hour run: 141 nautical milesDistance to go: lots. still not thinking about it.Conditions: broad reaching in 12 knots We're legging out our distance from land and are feeling very in touch with the vast expanse that is the Pacific. With nothing but water as far as we can see, it sometimes feels like we're […]


Salsa, salsa, or salsa?

We’re preparing ourselves and Totem for our biggest journey together yet, the passage from Mexico to French Polynesia. Over the last few months, we’ve felt a little smug about our general state of preparation: no question about it, Totem is ready to cross an ocean. This may help explain the karmic whiplash which has put […]


Provisioning adventures

Getting food to our home is a little more complicated than it used to be. Frutas y verduras, Zihuatanejo First, of course, the obvious- we don’t have a car. We get everywhere on foot, sometimes aided by buses, on rare occasions by a ride in a taxi or a friend’s car. But consider the quantity […]


Comfort food

I try to restrain myself, really, but I’m incredibly food centric. What we eat, where it comes from, the literal flavors of an experience… after my family, it would be fair to say that my life revolves around food. Living in Mexico this past year has meant a world of new things to try, new […]


Favorite memories from fall in the Sea

A friend of ours said recently, sometimes it’s better to just shut up and show the pictures. I can’t argue! Herewith, some of our favorite memories captured since returning to Mexico, sailing in Sea of Cortez. Jamie and the kids, fishing from the dinghy at sunset- Isla Carmen Hiking the hills behind the San Juanico […]


Getting to the source

I remember when we made the deliberate choice to connect food we ate with the animal source it came from. Niall was three years old, and we were having rabbit for dinner. It would have been easy enough to tell him it was lapin or hasenpfeffer and pushed off the connection between our meal and […]


Food and Nourishment

As we prepared to leave Totem, snug in a berth in San Carlos, and return to the states for the summer- a concerted effort was made to work through our food stores. Thus it was, scrounging in the depths of a locker not long ago, that I discovered a jar of Julie and Gloria’s homemade […]

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