Crazy people, taking children cruising

What kind of irresponsible parent would take their children cruising? That seems to be the underlying message from many corners in the wake of the Kaufman family’s rescue in the Pacific from their boat, Rebel Heart. It’s all too easy for me to remember the questions we had from people who didn’t understand our decision […]

Facing fears about raising kids on a sailboat

I was not programmed to be different. If anything, my life until we left to go cruising was a careful series of practical steps designed to fulfill the American Dream. Why would we choose such a different life for our growing family? I know that the way our children spend their days, or the way […]

Afraid of the dark

Plenty of people worry about plenty of things when they consider the prospect of cruising. Looking in from the outside, the fears we hear voiced from those who wonder about cruising are centered around a few themes. We mostly hear about about pirates and storms. Jamie driving off Cape Mendocino. Gales never look as bad […]