Comments on the FAQ

Our friend Brian on the M/V Furthur, a Selene ocean trawler, reposted our FAQ on his blog and made some great additions from his perspective. We first met Brian in Mexico and expect to see him soon here in Sydney- he’s traveled many of the same miles along the way. I hope other cruisers can […]

FAQ: Preparing for a Pacific crossing

Over the last few months, we’ve had a progressive number of questions from friends who are getting ready for their own Pacific crossing. I’ve aggregated the most common questions, and provided some information based on our experience this year. These answers are in the context of our 2010 path from La Cruz, Mexico (near Puerto […]

Cruising families answer common questions

Check it out- we’re featured on the “Women and Cruising” Blog! The site supports and inspires women cruisers, and they’ve recently started a feature on cruising families. We’re one of twelve different families are answering a set of questions about our experiences cruising with children: what are our biggest challenges in going cruising? What’s a […]

Questions about the passage- part II

As noted in the prior post, we received a number of questions about our passage and are aggregating them for responses on the blog. Several questions were specifically related to cruising with children, and are combining them here. If you have differences or something to add, post a comment! How did the children do on […]

Questions about the passage – part I

We covered a variety of aspects of the passage on our blog as we crossed from Mexico to the Marquesas. Wondering what we might have missed, we put out a call for other questions. Questions came along a few similar themes, which I’ve blended below with our responses. This is the first of two posts […]

Questions about the passage

Some few people we aren't related to who read this blog are prospective Pacific passage makers, and have emailed a few questions about the passage. What do you want to know that we left out? Post your question to the comments or send a note to us at sail (at) sv-totem (dot) com, and eventually […]

Reflections on the crossing from Mexico to the Marquesas

With a little time to rest and regroup, Jamie and I reflected on the passage this morning over coffee (J) and English Breakfast tea (B- thank you, Clauson’s Fine Teas!). First, some statistics: Total miles: ~2950Top speed: 12.2 knotsBest 24 hour run: 193 milesDiesel consumed: 40 gallonsHighest windspeed: 35 (ITCZ squalls, and one intense night […]

You have to be rich to go cruising?

One of the biggest misconceptions of cruising is that you have to be rich to realize the dream. It’s just not true. Sure, it can be very expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are cheap ways to go as well, but most importantly: anybody can do it. It has far more to do […]

Kids aboard: what do they do all day?

After 6 months of writing a cruising column for 48 North, we’re finally touching on the subject of kids aboard for the upcoming June issue. Our article is more generally about the choice to cruise as a family, but it has prompted reflections on the questions people might have about what it’s like for the […]

Reflections at the half-year mark

Six months ago today, we left our home on Bainbridge Island and embarked on an open ended journey as a family. Our long held plans to go cruising, finally realized! Our excitement at finally reaching the departure milestone to depart is hard to describe- truly, it was a dream come true. As we were escorted […]