The problem with cruising kids and socialization

“But what about socialization?” People unfamiliar but curious about cruising lifestyle often ask this about our children. We’ve done a few presentations about our travels during our first month back in the USA, and can almost guarantee the question of our kids’ socialization will come up in the Q&A afterwards. Tucked into comfortable chairs on […]

Voyaging With Kids: how to take your family cruising

How do families go cruising? What do you need to know to take your kids off on a bluewater cruising adventure? How on earth to you homeschool across an ocean? What happens when the voyage is over? When our kids were babies and Jamie and I were lining up our exit strategy, none of the books on […]

Free range cruising kids

At the moment, we’re with four other kid boats including thirteen kids between our little fleet. All five of us are sharing an anchorage in the Maldives, bound for South Africa by the end of the year. They’re on Totem, Utopia, Ceilydh, Morning Glory, and Evita. The kids range from 9 to 16, and about […]

Crazy people, taking children cruising

What kind of irresponsible parent would take their children cruising? That seems to be the underlying message from many corners in the wake of the Kaufman family’s rescue in the Pacific from their boat, Rebel Heart. It’s all too easy for me to remember the questions we had from people who didn’t understand our decision […]

Facing fears about raising kids on a sailboat

I was not programmed to be different. If anything, my life until we left to go cruising was a careful series of practical steps designed to fulfill the American Dream. Why would we choose such a different life for our growing family? I know that the way our children spend their days, or the way […]

What do cruising kids do all day?

It seems that the everyday life of the Totem cruising kids is somewhat opaque in recent blog content (thank you reader email for pointing that out!). They’ve been pretty busy- just a little differently than the normal ways that a 9, 11 and 14 year old are busy. Here is a smattering from the last […]

Hey! Look, it’s a kid boat!

Back at home in Puget Sound, buddy boating with another “kid boat” always made things more fun for everyone. A twist on this dynamic is common among the happier cruising kid boats we’ve met. They tend to be flexible with their schedule, adapting it when they meet other boats with children- giving the respective kids […]

Keeping the kids in clothes while cruising

A blog reader recently asked: what clothes do kids need for cruising, and how much do they need? Before we cut the docklines in 2008, we were well supplied in clothes to take the kids through about two years of living in the tropics. In hindsight, this was serious overkill. We brought too much. The […]

The liveaboard kid posse

For most of 2011, the Totem swabbies didn’t have any other children on boats around them. It was one of our big motivators for moving up to Brisbane, and it’s played out even better than we imagined. Foremost was the girls’ reunion with Maia. When they parted ways in Mexico in 2010, Siobhan sobbed for […]

Collecting plastic garbage from our waters

The children have been on a mission to collect and dispose the garbage that floats in the water around the marina. Seeing plastic trash litter the shores of pristine islands, thousands of miles from anywhere, left an impression. We might talk about the impact of consumption and pollution around the main cabin table now and […]