There’s this boat: Nalukai

Every now and then I write about a boat that strikes us. They represent a spectrum of styles (the classic plastic Mary Powell; the rocket boat Relapse; the traditional teak Kalalau; bamboo schooner Coracle) but all have a common thread: they probably aren’t the boats you’ll see promoted at a boat show or glossy mag, […]

There’s this boat: Mary Powell


It takes many years of diligent saving and personal sacrifice to afford the boat of your dreams and cruising adventure. Or, you can limit your selection set to what fits into a ready budget, and trade years of anticipation for years of cruising. That’s what British Columbia native Steve Dolman did. His modest sloop, Mary […]

There’s this boat: Kalalau

A pretty blue sloop came around the corner of a sandy islet and into the bay where we were anchored recently. Jamie and I watched it from the cockpit: just admiring the lines, enjoying an afternoon of sun sparkling on water. We were lost in that reverie that a lovely boat can pull you into, […]

There’s this boat: Coracle

The schooner America was launched in 1851, and is best known for winning- and giving her name- to the challenge we all know as The America’s Cup. It’s arguably among the most famous schooners ever built. Pulling into Telaga Harbour, Malaysia, felt a little like entering a time warp. The craggy ridge covered in jungle […]

Not such a unique boat name after all

One of the criteria we had when selecting a name for Totem was to find something unique: we didn’t want to be another Jenny in the anchorage. When choosing her name, We scoured the internet for ideas (I wish Funny Boat Names had existed at the time- this entertaining site organizes boat names by personality type, […]

What makes a good cruising boat? Mark responds.

Mark Edwards cruises the yacht Relapse with his family- the Young design featured in the last post. He’s on limited internet access cruising in Indonesia, but had some thoughts to share in response to the questions and misconceptions about the suitability of Relapse for cruising. I’d like to address the main comments from your readers […]

What makes a good cruising boat?

In our home waters of Puget Sound, traditional boats predominate. The longer we’ve been gone cruising and thought about the qualities that matter to us, the more we wonder why people don’t break out of the mold more often. A family we met on Borneo on a decidedly racy boat, Relapse, inspired the monthly cruising column […]