Camping! Cricket! Kangaroos!

A few weekends ago, we were included with a group of families who get together for camping fun a few times a year. What a treat! We knew from last our failed attempt at camping (we were rained out after one night) last January that the kids loved it, but hadn’t had the right impetus […]

Things to love about Australia: Clivia

I was reminiscing to my friend Joan the other day about White Flower Farm. We used to get their catalog, back when we had a garden that benefited from a good chunk of of our weekend efforts. I’d drool over the entries in their glossy pages and dream about the showstopper of a garden I’d […]

One year in Australia!

Time flies- it’s such a clich√©, but it’s true. One year ago today, we made landfall in Australia. What a year! Niall waves an Aussie flag from the deck of M/V Further on Australia Day- January 2010

Aussie snapshots: beach culture

A few weeks ago, we had use of a friend’s car (thank you Jennifer!) while they were on vacation in Hawaii. It was really fun to stretch our wings beyond our usual public-tranportation circumpherence and see a few new corners of Sydney. Here’s local phenomenon. It seems like every beach has it’s own Surf Life […]

Halloween in Sydney

2008 – Malibu, California2009 – Santa Rosalia , Mexico2010 – Noumea, New Caledonia …and now, 2011: Sydney, Australia.It feels a little odd to be in warm and sunny weather for Halloween Four years, four different countries for our family on Halloween. Every place we’ve been does it a little differently. Here in Australia, the holiday is […]

Adjustments in the antipodes

Urban Australia offers plenty of surface level similarities to urban America… sailing between the heads into Sydney Harbour, you didn’t even need to fuzz your eyes to feel a little like going into San Francisco: hills, mission tile roofs, subtropical and temperate foliage blended. The differences immediately start to smack you back to the reality […]

Thankful to be here.

off for a walk in Coffs Harbour Our quiet family Thanksgiving dinner last night, we went around the table talking around things we’re thankful for. To a one, the kids all agreed: they are grateful to be out sailing, to be living this life.

Getting to know Australia

Same same but different At first blush, Australia is so superficially similar to North America- the differences sometime catch you by surprise. It’s like there’s a little unexpected twist to everyday things. The coastline at our landfall, Coffs Harbour, for example- looked so much like the Oregon coast. Evergreen trees, rolling surf crashing onshore, little […]