Scroll for media interviews, vlogs, podcasts, and more! Topics to help anyone think about how to live differently, looking in on our life afloat.


  • Full episode of the TV5 series, “En marge du monde,” (in the margins of the world) dedicated to showcasing our family’s lifestyle! Beautifully filmed in 2019 by Océan télévision.
  • Behan was interviewed for The People’s Environmental News in March 2019, discussing our family’s decision to ditch suburbia for a life afloat.
  • Seattle NBC affiliate KING 5‘s Ted Land interviewed us the day after we crossed the 10-year mark; the video aired on evening news.
  • CNN included a video with their story about us in August 2018.
  • Our family was interviewed by Megyn Kelly on TODAY show program, an unforgettable opportunity (click to play the ten minute segment, at top). (2018)
  • This Business Insider video tells our story through interview on board Totem, including cool drone footage! (2017)
  • Vlogging/podcasting family from Keep Your Daydream hung out on board in Larchmont, NY, testing out trading their RV for a boat.
  • The crew talks about life afloat in a series of eight videos filmed aboard Totem by our friends on SV Delos, including personal interviews with the kids about what it’s like (2016).
  • A beautiful, short film by Aline Escalon about our family: everyday life, why we do what we do. Filmed in beautiful locations around the Indian Ocean (2015).
Aline’s mini-doco about our family is in English with French subtitles


  • Our family featured in a New York Times article that wondered: “Maybe the Best Home School Is … on a Boat?”
  • Forbes magazine included our take on pandemic cruising, homeschooling aboard, and more.
  • Polish magazine blog, Ładne Bebe, featured us in April 2020 – and included some of my favorite pictures of our children growing up on board.
  • Australian mummy mag Lunch Lady featured an interview with us in their Q1 2020 issue.
  • CNN Sport covered our family in an extensive article with a video bonus in August 2018.
  • Media picking up our story in July 2018 include Inside Edition and the UK’s Daily Mail.
  • CNBC‘s Darla Mercado included us in her story about “How to live on a boat without going broke.”
  • Fantastic article in Quartz media that reflects on our experiences in eight+ years of sailing around the world as a family: why we chose the cruising life, how it’s affected us as people.
  • Spinsheet shared our Cruising Coaching services, in the April issue of Chesapeake Bay’s premier boating magazine.
  • A birthday welcome to Florida: greeted at the dock in Jacksonville by the Florida Times-Union. Matt’s article captures our family perfectly, and Will took some great pictures of life on board.
  • Reflections on eight years cruising (and some lovely photographs) in an article from The Westerly Sun, from an interview on board during our summer of 2016 respite in the Mystic River, Connecticut.
  • Sea Magazine interviewed with us for their July 2014 issue.
  • The New York Times solicited our opinion on boating with young children for their section, In Transit: A Guide to Intelligent Travel.
  • When we stopped over in Bali, Captain Su interviewed us for The Bali Advertiser, Bali’s English language newspaper (see his blog for more stories about yachting in Indonesia).
  • A patient reporter with MSNBC’s “Today” stuck with us through some sketchy Skype connections in French Polynesia to interview our family for a story about families who travel and learn as a lifestyle.
  • My alma mater, Connecticut College, did a nice write up for their magazine when we’d been out for about a year.
  • Our hometown newspaper, the Bainbridge Island Review, has a nice story and pictures from our departure.
Totem kids recording a session with Brady from SV Delos– watch it here on their channel!


  • Talking about #Boatlife on The Boat Life Podcast with Ruby Rose! We sat down with Terysa to talk about our circumnavigation, how we earn a living from Totem, and how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the cruising community.
  • Before the pandemic hit in spring 2020, we caught up with Ben from Out the Gate for virtual sundowners, while he quizzed us about circumnavigating as a family
  • We had a great conversation with the Ocean Sailing Podcast about long term sailing with kids and the offshore live-aboard life: see ep. 82, January 2020.
  • Why we choose this life: a short for Sportshour with BBC World Service, September 2018.
  • Great talk with Nathaniel from the Daily Travel Podcast. Tried not to be intimidated that his prior sailor interview was Laura Dekker.
  • We chatted with Teddy from SailLoot about the cost of cruising for his podcast series.
  • Totem’s story is covered in a feature about family bloggers by Muses & Visionaries magazine.
  • The supremely affable Erik Hemingway recorded an interview with us for his Family Adventure Podcast.
  • We chatted with Vivienne McNeny of The Sociable Homeschooler podcast about boat schooling on Totem.
  • David Anderson invited us onto The Sailing Podcast when we finally found “skypeable internet” in Indonesia.


interview on the boat
filming for ‘American Dream’ in early 2008 on the relatively unfinished Totem. photo: Manuel Maqueda

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