Favorite salty blogs

For a list of active blogs (and the latest updates) from nearly 80 families cruising or living aboard, check out Blogging Families Afloat. 

S/V Delos Circumnavigators. Great humans and fellow cruisers we’ve known longer than anyone else out here, across four continents now. Fantastic videos.
S/V Del Viento Pacific. Former cruisers out again, this time with kids. Thoughtful reflections from one of my wonderful co-authors for Voyaging With Kids.
S/V Galactic Pacific/Atlantic. I love the routes this family chooses: unusual destinations and higher latitudes.
S/V Majestic US east coast. Cindy’s photos of liveaboard life in the Chesapeake are gorgeous. She and her husband are former cruisers raising two kids afloat.
Windtraveler Caribbean. Liveaboards in the BVIs raising three girls and loving life afloat, with lovely reflections and helpful information
S/V Bubbles Circumnavigator. Inactive blog but excellent reading. Alex closed the loop in 2011, and tragically passed away in 2013

Cruising resource reads

The Boat Galley An excellent cruising cookbook, this site is chock full of helpful tips beyond the galley based on Carolyn Shearlock’s years of practical experience afloat
Ditching Suburbia Full-time family travel. The Boyink family took off in 2010 to travel the USA full-time by RV. Turns out, that’s a lot like cruising! They’ve built a website full of resources for families who want to ditch suburbia, too.
Boat Bits Caribbean liveaboard. I love RLWs reflections, and find him spot on time and time again.
Interview with a Cruiser Common questions addressed by seasoned cruisers: a great resource for anyone planning to go cruising
The Monkey’s Fist Blog Aggregator. Great resource for reading about the different ways that the same subject is addressed by cruisers, from provisioning to relationships
Noonsite Cruising Guides. Accuracy varies by region, but it’s by FAR the best digital guide out there. We contribute updates from our experience and encourage others to do so as well
S/V Ocelot Circumnavigators. Extremely practical, useful information about the regions they’ve cruised; I’ve referenced the Hacking family’s site for a lot of Pacific and SE Asia cruising info
The Sailing Podcast Podcast interviews with sailors of all stripes, including some interesting cruisers talking about how they tackle their adventures
SailLoot Podcasts and blog posts with a focus: how do you financially plan and budget for cruising?
S/V Soggy Paws Pacific Guides. Sherry has created mini-guides that cover areas Soggy Paws has cruised- valuable resources for those getting off the beaten path
Women and Cruising Women’s perspectives on all manner of cruising topics

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