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Homeschooling, boatschooling, life. However you label learning on board, this is one of the most intimidating prospects of cruising for many parents: it certainly was for me! Complicating things is for those new to homeschooling by the reality that there is no single right way to go about it. These posts should help.

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Totem crew on homeschooling

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Blog posts:


Podcasts where we talk about homeschooling:


Videos where we talk about homeschooling:


  • Finding Your Homeschool Style—helpful orientation article from a family education site.
  • World Book Educational Products—free “Typical Course of Study” eBooklets by grade for curriculum planning
  • Core Knowledge Sequence—objectives for elementary school. Individual titles, e.g. “What Your X Grader Needs to Know” for preschool through 6th grade.
  • Homeschool Teacher Blog—well-vetted resources for the secular/eclectic homeschooler.
  • and many, many more in the Voyaging with Kids Appendix. Feel free to recommend others in the comments.


Voyaging with Kids. Full of information to help with homeschooling! It includes finding the right style for you, learning more about options for curriculum, enrolling your kids internationally, tips for successful homeschooling, and considerations for re-integrating after a sabbatical cruise. The appendix has dozens of resources from curriculum sources to academic standards and more.

Homeschool Teacher. In addition to being an excellent guide for secular homeschooling, author Kate Laird is a cruising parent! She understands the challenges and benefits unique to our lifestyle.

Lesson Plans Ahoy. educator and cruiser, Nadine Slavinski, has a bevy of practical learning ideas for the elementary school set, highlighting opportunities for learning that resonate especially with cruising families.

Homeschoolers’ College Admissions Handbook. Cafi Cohen offers guidance for homeschoolers of all flavors to transition to college.


See what other families do! No two families approach homeschooling exactly the same way. These boats have blog posts or videos sharing what they do on board:

Totem’s list of 100+ family cruising blogs are another place to browse for ideas, experiences, and contacts to see how each family uniquely finds their way.

Have you written about boatschooling in your family? Send me a link to share here!

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