Family sailing vlogs

kids and brady

If a picture is worth a thousand words– what’s the value of a video? Dunno but love that so many cruising families are taking up vlogging or starting a YouTube channel! Growing a list here and love to add more, so please get in touch if you know others to include, whether they are actively cruising or have an archive to mine (active and inactive vlogs all mixed up below, sorry… #details for later). Above: the Totem kids record a session with Brady from SV Delos, watch their conversation about kids aboard here  on the Delos channel.

A Family Afloat 
A to B to Sea
Adventures with Boy 123
Anasazi Racing 
Andersons Abroad
Around ‘n Circles
Biology Family Afloat
Boat Fam
Boat Hobos
Boat Notes
Chasing the Hook
Chasing Waterfalls
Close Hauled
Dessert First at Sea
Endless Playtime
EVY Adventures
Familia por el mundo
Family on the Boat
Family Sail (Russian)
Family Sailing Vlog S/V Hi5
Fata Morgana
Floating Maples
Freedom Family
Grow Sailing
Growing a Pair
Hinterland Sailing
Homeschool Ahoy 
Irie Islanders
Kais and Lila Boat Kids
Knot Vikings
Kraken Kissed
Life Off the Deep End
Life Somewhere
Life with Less
Little Sailors
Live Free 2 Sail Fast
M/V Noeta
Maxing Out
Mother Ship Adrift
MV Cassidy
Námornícky Denník (Slovak)
New Mexicast
Off Grid Sailing
Oh Sail Yes! 
One Thousand Sunsets
Rubber to Rudder
S/V Dulcinea
s/v Field Trip
S/V Ibis
S/Y Stella Polaris
Sail Oceans
Sail on Sail Pending
Sail Ubi
Sail Ventus
Sailboat Story
Sailing Adventures of Arctic Monkey
Sailing Booby Bloo
Sailing Britaly
Sailing By Faith
Sailing Catalpa
Sailing Catamaran Element
Sailing Celedon
Sailing Daddy
Sailing Dee
Sailing Faith * Soul Sailors
Sailing from Scratch
Sailing Karis
Sailing Korvessa
Sailing Magic Genie
Sailing Miss Lone Star
Sailing Nikau
Sailing Olena
Sailing on Annecam
Sailing Over the Rainbow
Sailing Pacificae
Sailing Promise
Sailing Rehua
Sailing RoundAbout
Sailing Sargo
Sailing Sava
Sailing Spirit of Adventure
Sailing Starrs
Sailing SV Compromise
Sailing SY Serenade
Sailing the Bakery
Sailing Together
Sailing Totem 
Sailing Ventura
Sailing Wildest Dreams
Sailing with Children: what could possibly go wrong?
Sailing Zarafet
Sailing Zatara
Salty Kisses 
Salty Matey
Seanic Route
Secret Water Adventure
Sunkissed Soeters
sv Bella Luna
SV Blue Pearl
SV Rovin
The Coconuts Sail Team
The Foster Journey/a>
The Sailing Adventures of Arctic Monkey
The Sailing Family (cat)
The Sailing Family
The Sea Monkey Project
The Wind Expedition
Tight Little Tribe
Tika Travels
Travely Family (Russian)
Treasured Times Cruising
Trio Travels
Una Vuelta Por El Mundo
Vawters on the Water
Wandering Knapps
Where the Coconuts Grow
Witte Walrus

Salty Insta