Seminars and splicing classes in La Cruz 2019 season

We love sharing our enthusiasm for cruising! Wanna meet up? 2020 schedule so far:

  1. Free cruiser seminars: La Cruz, Mexico, January to April, various dates
  2. Toronto Boat Show: January 18th & 19th
  3. Seattle Boat Show: January 24th – 26th
  4. Ocean Cruising Adventure series (Vancouver, BC): February 29th
  5. Annapolis Boat Show: October 8 – 12th

Banderas Bay, Mexico: winter 2020 seminars

Totem is spending most of the 2020 winter in Banderas Bay, Mexico, preparing ourselves and supporting the prep of others for a spring passage to French Polynesia. Last winter, our seminars included topics ranging from weather, to DIY rigging checks, to passage making and provisioning. 

Coming to a splicing class? Here’s what to bring.

  • ¼” Dyneema (Spectra is the same thing), single braid (no core and cover); 10’ (3 meters) or more
  • Vinyl (electrical) tape
  • Good scissors or a sharp knife
  • Sharpie (any color)
  • Fids – ¼” and 3/8” (sizes refer to line diameter, not fid diameter); preference for the tubular type.
Jamie leads a hands-on splicing clinic in La Cruz; February, 2020


South Pacific fleet planning meetings 

Banderas Bay is a hotspot for South Pac bound (sometimes called Pacific Puddle Jump) boats to gather. We’re meeting on Saturdays at Cruisers Comfort, the casual hangout adjacent to PV Sails in La Cruz. Find the Cruisers Comfort lounge by either walking down Calle Tiburon (dirt road that fronts Ana Banana’s), or taking the stairs behind the parking lot at the port captain to PV Sailing; look for signs. First meeting: Saturday, February 15.

Click image to link to live map for Cruisers Comfort

Seminars are all at the VIP lounge at Marina Riviera Nayarit in La Cruz, unless noted otherwise. All classes open to public; advance registration required for DIY rigging and splicing practicums, as class size is limited.

  • Jan 7: 10 years around the world – our circumnavigation story
  • Jan 10: Real-world electronic navigation
  • Jan 12: Sails & rigging seminar: with Mike Danielson, at VYC
  • Jan 15: Totem kids speak. Our three (15, 17, and 20 years old) talking about growing up afloat
  • Jan 31: Sail fundamentals (physical practicum with used sails)
  • Feb 4: GRIB interpretation
  • Feb 5: Hands-on splicing practicum
  • Feb 8: South Pacific veterans panel: prepared topics + QA with 2010 PPJ fleet reunion participants
  • Feb 14: DIY rigging evaluation (aboard volunteer boat in La Cruz marina)
  • Feb 16: Provisioning for the South Pacific
  • Feb 18: DIY rigging evaluation #2 (aboard volunteer boat in La Cruz marina)
  • Feb 19: Safety at sea
  • Feb 21 & 22: Find the Balance: in-class, then on-water sail trim practicum with Mike Danielson
  • Feb 23: Splicing practicum #2
  • Feb 25: South Pacific weather routing.

To be scheduled for March:

  • DIY rigging evaluation #3 
  • Splicing practicum #3
  • Sail/Rig/Steering: failure points and fixes
  • South Pacific 101: what’s waiting for you!
  • PredictWind how-to clinic for boats sailing to French Polynesia (incl. Iridium use)
  • Hauling in Penasco, and Sea of Cortez cruising
  • Route planning: general, not PPJ specific
  • Passage Planning: all the things that aren’t routing!
  • International clearance: beyond Mexico
  • South Pacific Anchoring

Ocean Cruising Adventures 2020

Saturday, February 29


7:30-10:00 p.m. Presented by The Vancouver Chapter of the Bluewater Cruising Association (BCA) with sponsorship support from Pacific Yachting, we’ll have an evening of information and adventure stories to educate and inspire. Come join us!

Segal Centre at SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings Street

Doors open at 6:30 PM – cash bar. Tickets are available in advance online or at the door (cash only) based on seat availability.

2020 Annapolis Boat Show

We’re sorry to miss the spring program, but can’t wait to sail back to the South Pacific! We’re making plans to return to Annapolis and Cruisers U in October 2020.

Keep in touch, and drop us a note if we’ll see you at a show – or if you’d like us to speak to your organization!