Seminars and splicing classes in La Cruz 2019 season


Join us for TOTEM TALKS

Inspired by Coronavirus shifts in communication, we’ve started holding regular video chats.
TOTEM TALKS are virtual meetups, our way to connect with the community to support all cruisers: planning, present, or past. Each FREE session will include real-world updates, a peek into a cruising topic (weather, budgeting, training, etc.), and Q&A with participants.
Participate live! Pose questions in the chat feed, or raise your hand to connect on-screen. We’ll take questions offline in advance…not everyone wants to be public, we get it.

Our next TOTEM TALKS event is on Saturday, May 23, 5:00 pm Pacific / 8:00 pm Eastern; advance registration required.
Interested in listening to our May 10th TOTEM TALKS session? Anyone who registered for the event (still can!) can download or replay until just before the next event. You’ll need this password:
Our first TOTEM TALKS session – April 12, 2020

Why register? Because our active cruising life and uncertain internet connectivity means the dates for these will be ad-hoc vs scheduled months out. By signing up, you’ll get an email when the next is set; expect about twice a month, with notice about one week in advance. 

We love sharing our enthusiasm for cruising! Wanna meet up? Bookmark this page for updates.

2020 Annapolis Boat Show

We’re making plans to return to Annapolis and Cruisers U in October 2020. Even if Coronavirus hadn’t shaken things up, we expected to fly from Fiji. Looks like it will be Mexico instead! Here’s what’s on for us:

Behan’s CU courses:

  • Cruising Women – two day Master Class, with Pam Wall
  • What Me Worry! Putting Cruising Fears to Rest
  • Healthcare While Cruising
  • Make Your Escape – Turn your dream to a reality
  • How to Budget for the Dream


Jamie’s CU courses:

  • Offshore Rigging & Sails -When things go wrong
  • Route Planning
  • Safety at Sea


Behan & Jamie together:

  • Lessons Learned from Covid-19

For more information or to register for Cruisers U, visit the Annapolis Boat Show’s CU page.

We’ll also teach the half day introductory seminar, Take the Wheel: this covers a range of topics to help newcomers to boating dreams get up to speed. We review sailboat design features, understanding the purchase process, how to budget and avoid common pitfalls.

For more information or to register for Take the Wheel, visit the American Sailing Summit page.

five people on bar stools at a panel
Participating at the annual Cruisers Forum at the Seattle Boat Show. We look forward to being back in January 2021!


Keep in touch, and drop us a note if we’ll see you at a show – or if you’d like us to speak to your organization!