We love sharing our enthusiasm for cruising, and this year we’re planning a number of seminars and events. Wanna meet up?

  • January: Toronto Boat Show, Seattle Boat Show
  • February – March: Puddle Jump seminars (Banderas Bay, Mexico)
  • April: Annapolis Boat Show
  • October: Annapolis Boat Show

Toronto Boat Show: January 23rd & 24th

We’ll be there for two full days, trying to stay warm after flying up from Mexico! For more information and to register for these seminars, visit the seminar section of the Toronto Boat Show website.

Toronto International Boat Show Logo

  • Healthcare while cruising: 12:30 p.m. Learn how to prepare for healthy cruising – and, what to do if you happen to need medical care from far away.  raining, Medical kit, common ailments, and what it’s really like to get medical care while cruising long distances.
  • Ten years around the world: a family circumnavigation. 5:30 p.m. These stories will inspire you as well as providing practical insight to help you plan your own adventure… while living vicariously, through beautiful destinations spanning the world.

Seattle Boat Show 2019 logo

Seattle Boat Show: Jan. 26, 30-31, and Feb. 1

We’re planning a range of presentations and seminars and contemplating an after-hours meetup (if you’re keen, hit us up, and we’ll make it happen!). Seattle Boat Show tickets and seminar details are on the show website.

Saturday Jan. 26th

  • Panel: Cruising Forum. 10:15, Stage #5, Club level. We’ll join two accomplished cruising couples— Will & Sarah Curry, and John Neal & Amanda Swan-Neal. Boat selection, outfitting, self-sufficiency, mind-blowing landfalls and whatever else we can fit into two hours! Register and submit questions for Cruising Forum at
  • Panel: Writing About Your Boating Adventures: 12:15 , Stage #5, Club level. Behan joins PNW authors Elsie Hulsizer, Wendy Hinman, Christine Smith, Mark Bunzel, and Norris Comer to talk about writing and cruising.

Wednesday-Thursday, Jan. 30th – 31st

We are SO EXCITED to present a two-day series to inspire you to go cruising! Either day (9am-4pm) stands alone, but they’re better together. Register here to attend!

Day 1: Getting ready to cruise, and leaving the dock. We’ll take about preparing a boat and crew to leave the dock: selection, equipment, spares, and more. How do you decide what goes– and what doesn’t? What about downsizing? I’ll touch on homeschooling, too, and other important preparations we made in preparing to live the dream for the last ten years.

Day 2: So many places to go! Believe it or not, we feel like we rushed at times even though we spent a decade circumnavigating. Where should you go? What about weather routing for passages, and anticipating ocean currents? We’ll talk about these, budgeting, getting a break, medical care, and what it’s really like to live everyday in paradise.

Jamie and I will cover a myriad of practical topics while feeding your dream by connecting preparations with real-world cruising experiences. These sessions offer insights whether you’re hoping to circumnavigate too, cruise to the South Pacific, head down the coast to Mexico, or sail north to Alaska.

Friday Feb. 1

Three presentations on the second Friday of the Seattle Boat Show, to help us cover some of the most common questions we get from future cruisers.

  • Health care while cruising: 1:00 p.m. How to prepare for healthy cruising – and, what to do if you happen to need medical care from far away! Training, Medical kit, common ailments, and what it’s really like when you need care far away.
  • Documents for cruising: 2:00 p.m. Take off cruising and the paperwork in your life gets less complicated… and it will, as long as you do some simple planning! We’ll go through how to prepare for your long distance adventure.
  • Ten years around the world: a family circumnavigation. 4:15 p.m. These stories will inspire you as well as providing practical insight to help you plan your own adventure… while living vicariously, through beautiful destinations spanning the world.

Saturday Feb. 1

Catch up with us on our last day at the show!

  • Storms, pirates, and other disasters at sea: addressing the biggest pre-cruising fears: 3:00 p.m. Every hopeful cruiser hears the horror stories: let us help you put them in “real world” perspective, minimize your risk, and put those fears to rest.

January 31st: Seattle Yacht Club

Thursday evening, January 31st, we’ll have an evening of storytelling with adventures from our ten years circumnavigating. Come share a drink and a tale at Totem’s home yacht club, SYC! Open to the public; non-SYC-members may need to register. No charge; cash bar. Doors open at 6:30; program at 6:45. Details will be posted at

Presentation screen showing happy family on a boat, flanked by two presenters.
Homecoming presentation at SYC in July this year: photo, Kevin Baerg

La Cruz, Mexico: Puddle Jump seminar series

Details TBD, but we’re looking forward to helping the 2019 fleet prepare for the big passage from Mexico to French Polynesia with seminars in Banderas Bay (Puerto Vallarta).

Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show: April 25-28

Jamie and I will be speaking again at spring and fall Annapolis boat shows this year. Both the spring and fall shows include meetups with our coaching clients: a fun night out for pizza dinner within walking distance from the venue.

Our spring sessions (and links to seminar details) are posted on the website – and tickets are already on sale, for the show and for our Cruisers U seminars! Topics in Annapolis.

  • Cruising Women – Behan’s 2-day Master Class with Pam Wall
  • Cruising on a Budget – Silver, Gold, & Platinum
  • Top Newbie Cruising Mistakes
  • What Me Worry? Putting Your Cruising Fears to Rest
  • Safety at Sea (Jamie’s double session)
  • Splicing & Whipping
  • Route Planning
  • Offshore Rigging & Sails – When Things Go Wrong

The full schedule for Cruisers U is here; to register for Annapolis, visit

US Sailboat Show (Annapolis): October 7-14

Cruisers University is October 7-10; the boat show show runs October 10-14. Behan and Pam Wall will reprise their two-day Cruising Women master class at Cruisers University. The fall show schedule is typically available by late May or early June. For more information, visit


Keep in touch, and drop us a note if we’ll see you at a show!

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