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One of the truly tremendous things about Voyaging with Kids is the breadth of perspectives included inside. It was important to me, Sara and Michael that we show many facets of the cruising life because following the dream comes in all shapes and sizes and budgets and boats. We were thrilled to have so many current and former cruising kids and families help us share a more complete picture! In the cruising life, you’re known by your boat name, so that’s how they’re organized here. Descriptions reflect status at press for the book which means that for many are dated already. For a blogroll and RSS feed of currently cruising families, see “Blogging Families Afloat.”


Adagio: Mark and Jen Konseco spent a year cruising between Florida and the Bahamas with their three children, and are preparing to set off again for Caribbean waters.

Asante: Brittany Meyers and her family are currently in the Caribbean. She and her husband have three young girls aboard.

Atea: Kia Koropp, her husband John, and their two young kids have voyaged from New Zealand to Fiji, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia and are currently exploring Southeast Asia.

Aventura: Doina Cornell sailed around the world with her family, beginning at age 7. She is the author of Child of the Sea (Cornell Sailing Publications, 2012) and a principal in the family business.

Banana: Sophie Kuhn and her husband have been sailing their catamaran around the world for the last five years. Their four children area alternately living aboard, away in boarding school, and departed the boat for university and professional lives.

Britican: Kim Brown, her husband and their daughter recently finished their freshman year of cruising in the Mediterranean.

Bumfuzzle: Pat Schulte and his family are currently traveling Mexico in their 1966 RV. Before kids, he and his wife Ali circumnavigated aboard a catamaran. After kids, they cruised the Pacific Coast of Mexico aboard a monohull.

Camdeboo: Jennifer Handley and her husband took their teenagers cruising for two years, joined for many months by their niece and nephew aboard. The four teens later assisted with delivering the boat back to the US from Fiji.

Capricorn Dancer: Carolyn Brownlow, her husband Rob and their daughter Cleo left Australia in 2013 and are currently cruising Southeast Asia.

Ceilydh: Diane Selkirk cruised with her husband in their 20s, then departed a second time when their daughter was eight. Diane is a freelance writer and the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sailing (ALPHA: 2013).

Ceol Mor: Cidnie Carroll lives in Texas, where she and her husband have been refitting their boat in preparation to go cruising.

Convivia: Tucker and Victoria Bradford and their two children are currently in Australia. In 2011, they sailed from San Francisco to Mexico before crossing the Pacific the following year.

Discovery: cruising teen Kate Alonso is the oldest of four kids; she’s in her second year of adventures afloat with her parents and siblings.

Don Quixote: Jamie Conger departed the US at age 13 on a Lagoon 38 with her parents and two younger sisters. They cruised from the US to New Zealand, which she now calls home.

Donna Lee: Connie Lynn Fitzpatrick sailed away with her parents in 1976 to live a life of adventure that spanned her childhood. Today she is land-living in the U.S.

Dove: Kim Bushnell and Leslie Bushnell are sisters who cruised with their families beginning in 1972. They sailed around the world over seven years. Today Kim and her partner are cruising Mexico aboard Puna, a boat she helped build. Leslie lives aboard Shannara in the U.S.

Emerald Jane: Father and daughter John Silverwood and Amelia Silverwood (along with the other members of their family) began cruising in 2004. Two years later, their boat was shipwrecked and tragedy ensued. This story is captured in the book, Black Wave (by John Silverwood, Random House, 2008). Today John is land-living in the U.S. and Amelia is a professional crew aboard a yacht.

Evenstar: BJ Porter, his wife and their two teens are in their third year of cruising, having sailed from the US East Coast to New Zealand so far.

Evergreen: Josh Morrison sailed from California to the South Pacific by way of many less-traveled islands; he’s currently finishing high school in New Zealand.

Eyoni: Nancy Jones and her family are currently land-living in the U.S. For several years they cruised the Pacific Coast of North America, concentrating their time in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez and Panama’s rural Darien.

Fluenta: Liz Shaw, her husband Max, and their three children sailed from Mexico to New Zealand in 2014. They are currently in New Zealand preparing for the next leg of their voyage.

Full Monty: teen cruiser Justine Lang is in her third year of sailing with her parents and younger brother as they cruise from the US East coast into the Pacific.

Galactic: Mike Litzow and his family are currently on the move in Chile. He and his wife hail from Alaska and have crossed the Pacific twice, on two different boats, both times with an infant aboard. Mike is the author of South From Alaska.

Happy Dancer: Dini Martinez and her family traveled from Australia to the Mediterranean to buy their boat, Happy Dancer, and begin cruising in 2014.

Hotspur: Meri Faulkner and her family are currently in American Samoa. She and her husband have cruised the Pacific with kids and teens aboard two different boats.

Imani: Doreen Gounard and her husband are currently living aboard in California. They sailed around the world on their catamaran with their two children. They now do speaking engagements and yacht deliveries.

Island Breeze: Panya Lipovsky left middle school to go cruising with her mom and stepdad throughout the Pacific. Today she is land-living in Canada.

Jenny P: Christine Larsen, her husband Eric, and their three kids sailed from Seattle to Australia aboard their Hans Christian 33T. They are currently living on land in Seattle.

Knee Deep: Molly Doolittle, along with her husband and two sons, spent two years sailing from California to the U.S. east coast via Central America.

LaDonna: LaDonna Bubak cruised with her family as a child, beginning in 1985. She went on to become an editor at Latitude 38 magazine and today she cruises with her husband aboard Gazelle.

LAHO: Kim Young and her family have been cruising the Caribbean for a year.

Lea Scotia: Trevor and Karisa MacLachlan and their 2-year-old daughter sailed from Seattle to Panama, then through the Caribbean to Florida. They are now a family of four, land-living in Seattle.

Lil’ Explorers: Along with the rest of their family, mom Shannon Grant and daughter Cassidy are cruising aboard their catamaran in the Pacific.

Lisa Kay: Lisa Anderson and her husband began cruising when their son Ben was 9; five years later they’re still exploring the world afloat as a family.

Longshot II: Susan Pickrell, along with her husband and three children, sailed from British Columbia, Canada to New Zealand and back aboard Longshot II. They are now land-living in Victoria, B.C.

Madrona: Carrie O’Donoghue sailed from Mexico to Southeast Asia with her husband and their two children.

Momo: Michelle Elvy has been living aboard and sailing with her husband and children for more than twelve years, cruising their Mason 43 from the Americas to the South Pacific and beyond.

Mother Jones: Laurie Felker Jones cruised the Caribbean; she’s currently ashore with her family in her home state of Texas.

Nada: Paul Calder grew up cruising with his family. Today he writes for SAIL magazine and messes about life aboard The Black Pig.

Namani: Nadine Slavinski is archaeologist turned educator; she’s taken two extensive sabbaticals with her husband and young son aboard their 35 foot sloop, sailing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans while home schooling. Nadine is the author of several cruising books including Lesson Plans Ahoy: Hands-on Learning for Sailing Children and Home Schooling Sailors (Slavinski-Schweitzer Press; 2014)

Namaste: Cindy Orchanian and her family are newly minted cruisers exploring Mexico aboard their Fuji 40.

Necesse: Genevieve Stoltz and her family are cruising aboard their 41-foot Morgan Classic in the Caribbean.

Neptune II: Venessa Hayes moved aboard when her children were 9 months and six years old. Nearly a decade later, they’re still cruising and currently in the Mediterranean.

Ocelot: Sue Hacking and her husband cruised before they had kids; in 2002 they took their teens cruising, and have been sailing the Caribbean, Pacific Ocean and Indian Oceans ever since.

Oso Blanco: Anne Blomquist spent nearly a decade power cruising with her husband and their son, power voyaging from the US east coast to Australia on their Nordhavn 64.

Osprey: Mother and daughter Wendy Mitman Clarke and Kailani Mitman Clarke (14) began cruising (along with the other members of their family) in 2008, exploring Nova Scotia to Panama. Today the two writers are land-living in the U.S.

Pandion: Lorca and Lola Rossman with their 10-year old daughter Sage sailed from their home port of San Francisco to Mexico, then as far west as Fiji before sailing the opposite direction back to San Francisco aboard their 68’ aluminum cutter.

Sea Mist: Brian Mistrot and his wife have raised their two children mostly afloat in Florida and the Caribbean.

Seafever: Michael Johnson cruised as a kid before growing up and cruising with his wife (author Sara Johnson). Once they were a family with two kids, they set out again, cruising the Pacific. He is currently living on land, but if his past is any indication, that won’t last long.

Seahorse V: Randal Stratton sailed the world as a teen, beginning in 1979. Today he is land-living in Canada.

Shady Lady: Tim Murphy was a teen when his parents took the family cruising in 1980. He grew up to be a writer focused on the marine market. He is the author of Fundamentals of Marine Service Technology (ABYC, 2012)

Sinan: Shayna Hodes cruised the Caribbean with her family; they’re currently living in Panama.

Smoke: Rose Carlyle her husband and their three children circumnavigated their home country of New Zealand, and then took a sabbatical year to sail from Southeast Asia to South Africa. They are now back on land in New Zealand.

Stray Kitty: Andrea Ellsay spent four years cruising with her parents and two younger siblings, from eastern Canada through the canal and across the Pacific to Australia; she’s in high school in British Columbia.

Synchronicity: Leah Kruger started cruising with her family at age 11. Today she and her husband sail their own boat, Brio, whenever they can.

Terrapin: Aimee Nance and her family are currently cruising Mexico on their 45’ Dufour.

Tookish: Jon and Merry Nofziger spent several years cruising through the Americas aboard their Stevens 47 while instilling cruising wanderlust in their three kids.

Victoria: Kim Russell and her family sailed for four years aboard Victoria from the US East Coast to Australia, and now live on land back at home in Atlanta, Georgia.

Watermusick: Bill Musick, his wife and their three children spent two years sailing from Florida to Malaysia; they’re now on land in Alaska but contemplating life afloat again.

Whatcha Gonna Do: Barb Gottesman, her husband and their kids cruised for three years from the US to Australia; they now live on land in California. Barb is the author of How to Slay a Pirate: Lessons on Success from Sailing the Pacific (Berkeley Avenue Press, 2013).

Wildest Dream: Tig and Serena Li and their two kids cruised aboard their Contest 32 ketch along the U.S. East Coast to the Bahamas. They are currently renovating an 1850’s house in Maine.

Windarra: Elaine Cashar and her husband spent two years cruising with their teens; they’re now seeking high latitudes afloat as their kids move on to higher education and professional lives.

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