Covid updates in Mexico

Our go-to in Mexico:, developed by cruiser James Home

During the pandemic, I started using a “checklist” of websites – for primary sources in particular – to stay in tune to develoments in Mexico. Over time, that list grew and got a little more organized. As we migrated inside the Sea of Cortez / Gulf of California, the list grew as the regions I tracked grew.

We assume there will be a surge in virus cases again, and that being able to quickly access information sources to try and stay dialed into restrictions will again be important. Sharing our experience under the peak of covid’s first wave in Mexico on the SSCA’s webinar on Pacific North America on October 8, 2020, prompted publishing.

Official data and local media outlets

Mexico’s official data and “semaforo” restrictions with a zoomable map

Sea of Cortez: Official FB

We found government agencies often have Facebook pages, and that those pages are an efficient way to get the latest updates on local restrictions.

The Loreto municipality’s official Facebook page, auto-translated

Banderas Bay: official sources

Non-official local information

Local Facebook groups, or the pages of local media outlets on Facebook, were another excellent way to get updates on the latest restrictions.

Santa Rosalia, BCS, street taco vendor in September 2020

Salty Insta