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Getting what you need, and getting off the dock

This is the goal: an anchorage in tropical paradise. Tuamotus, French Polynesia Anchored in clear turquoise waters of an idyllic atoll in the Tuamotus, we met a young Dutch family on a sabbatical cruise from Europe to Australia. Their home was a proven blue water boat which carried the couple and their  growing family across […]


Moving aboard your floating home

There is no “right” way to move aboard and go cruising: the books and blogs are full of different stories that reflect individual approaches and circumstances. Our story is based on a joint dream, years and thousands of miles in our starter cruising boat before buying Totem, delaying our move aboard until shortly before departure, […]


Sharing our experiences: Totem’s IWAC interview

The same month that we were in the throes of final preparation to depart from Mexico for the Marquesas, a very cool undertaking called “The Interview with a Cruiser Project” was started up. This brainchild of cruiser Livia (of SV Estrellita 5.10b) began as a way to organize the responses of experienced cruisers to a series of […]

Zen and the art of not missing a field guide

My abundance of pumpkin and coconut got me started on that post about wanting a certain cookbook a couple of days ago, but while I'm thinking about the books that we wish we had on board, there's another that looms large. Or rather, it's not one book in particular this time, but a gap in […]

The Boat Galley Cookbook – all I want for Christmas

It's time to make dinner, and I'm looking around at the galley and wondering for the Nth time in the last few months, what I can do with pumpkin, coconuts, and ibecca (the mucilaginous leafy green that grows on the islands here). I'm running low on inspiration and it's not an option to tap ingredients […]


It’s Friday, at 4:30 p.m.

We’re in the middle of heady days. The excitement of making big plans, of imagining the possibilities. More than just dream fodder. As soon as Totem is ready, our passports and visas in hand, we’ll be heading out into the big blue again. It’s a matter of weeks that we can count on our hands.  […]


Sharing our knowledge

About a month ago, I started trading email with Dana. We haven’t met in person yet although it’s only a matter of time! She calls an Amel home and lives aboard with her husband and new baby… also from the US, and currently in Australia. She’s percolated a cool idea that I’ve dubbed The Raft-Up. […]


What do you need to go cruising? Part 4: well… not Stuff.

It was fun putting together the series of posts about things you to think about sourcing in advance for your future cruising life. No question, there are some great economies when you can take the time to wait for sales or have the patience to troll for deals online. Most important: getting OUT THERE! CraigsList […]


What do you need to go cruising? Part 3: water games.

Continuing the theme: if you don’t have a boat yet, are there cruising essentials you can buy in advance? We covered books, and some ideas for personal gear. All very practical. But there’s more to cruising than pure practicality, so think about those things which will be part of your everyday enjoyment. For us, most of those […]


What do you need to go cruising? Part 2: personal gear.

Continuing the theme: what “stuff” makes sense to acquire before you even have a boat, but actively anticipate cruising? The last post on books was the most obvious one to me, because (as a committed bookworm) there’s so much to gain from them and feed the dream while you’re still in the early stages. Buying […]

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