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It’s amazing how many families on boats are blogging their lives afloat. I craved reports from the big blue on what it was really like to go cruising before we left…there just wasn’t much posted back then!

I know how much this helps families making their own plans, so here’s an aggregate of, well, all the blogging families afloat I could find, pretty much. (See this page for a list of YouTubers.)

Most of these are cruisers, but there are a few liveaboards too: we face similar issues, and it’s all good information to help with feeding the dream.

If you’re interested in families afloat that update by Facebook, I’ve created an interest list that aggregates the families here who use Facebook Pages as a substitute (or complement) to a blog. You can find (and follow) that list here:

Blogs come and  go so if you know one that should be added, drop me an email. May 2018 update: over 150 now, whoa!

Active blogs Latest posts
a yacht more to life
Aboard Abaco
A Family Afloat 
A to B to Sea
Adventures with Boy 123
Agile for Life
Anasazi Racing 
Andersons Abroad
Around ‘n Circles 
Beach Fleas
Becoming a Sailor 
Boat Hobos
Booby Bloo
Books Boats and Babes
Buchis on a Boat
Burnetts Ahoy!
Carina Of Devon 
Cast Adrift
Chasing Waterfalls
Cruising Kyrie
Decision’s Decisions
Delphinus (no RSS)
Dessert First at Sea
Entre Tanto a Bordo (no RSS)
Family at Sea
Family Sail (Russian)
Good Ship Monster 
Grow Sailing
Growing a Pair
Habi Hoba’s Great Adventure
Hobo Sailor
Homeschool Ahoy 
Impetuous Too
Irie Islanders
Itchy Foot
Kids in the Cockpit (no RSS)
King Cephalopod
Kraken Kissed (no RSS)
La Cigale
Landfall Voyages
Larose des Vents
Les adventures de Liber (French)
Life Aboard Boundless
Live the Voyage
Log of s/v Del Viento 
Mosaic Voyage
New Mexicast (no RSS)
MV Cassidy
M/V Noeta
Námornícky Denník (Slovak)
Our Round the World Adventure
Our Salty Life
Pigtails in Paradise 
Releasing the Bowlines
Rogers family Sailing
Rolianne Afloat and Abroad
Rollin’ with Yahtzee
s/v Field Trip
s/v Full Monty 
S/V Goblin
S/V Milou
s/v Perry 
S/V TouRai
S/V Wakanui
S/Y Stella Polaris
Sail Evenstar 
Sail for Good 
Sail on Sail Pending
Sail Summer Kai (no RSS)
Sailboat Story
Sailing across the Southern Ocean on Lumbaz 
Sailing Argo
Sailing Bajka
Sailing Britican 
Sailing Chance
Sailing Clarity
Sailing from Scratch
Sailing Full-time with the Faulkner Family 
Sailing Illusion
Sailing Korvessa: Into the Wilderness
Sailing on Mahi
Sailing Perseverance
Sailing Monsoon
Sailing Sandstar
Sailing Sarita
Sailing Sophie 
Sailing Starlike
Sailing the Bakery
Sailing to Roam
Sailing Totem 
Sailing Varekai
Sailing Walden
Sailing with Bloom
Sailing with Pelagic
Sailing Zatara (no RSS)
Sale 2 Sail
Salty Kisses 
Salty Matey
Salty Moretons
Sarah on Tarquilla
Secret Water Adventure
Sherrie’s Cruising Blog
Skylarking around
Space Grazer
Sunkissed Soeters
Sunshine & Smiles
SV Atea 
SV Autonomy
sv Bella Luna
SV Blue Pearl
SV Dafne (no RSS)
SV Lark
SV Laurin
SV Mangata
SV Maple – life’s a journey
SV Party of Five
SV Savarona
SV Stop Work Order (no RSS)
SV Terrapin 
SY Delfini
SY Outer Rim
The Coastal Family
The Excellent Adventure
The Family’s Gone Sailing
The Life Nomadik 
The Merlin Log 
The Mighty Eos II
The Only Girl in the Boat
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Llama
The Sea Stewarts
The Voyaging Life
Tight Little Tribe
Tika Travels
To Sea or Not To See
Together Under Sail (Russian)
Travely Family (Russian)
Trio Travels
Twice In A Lifetime 
Upside Up
Vawters on the Water
Velero Voyage (Spanish)
Venilia Sails
Waters Healing
Where the Coconuts Grow
Wherever the Wind Blows
Windswept Gypsies
Witte Walrus
Zach Aboard 

siobhan and jamie

Inactive blogs: because sometimes it’s helpful to mine the content of those no longer actively posting, here’s a list of no longer active blogs from families who stopped cruising … or just stopped writing about it.
Adagio Cruising
Armitage Sailors
Bjorklund Log 
Captain Tyler
Ceilydh Set Sail 
Choisi Alaska to Maine 
Close Quarters
Cruising with Cid 
Ease The Main
Eric’s Blog 
Family Circus 
Family of Three Take to the Sea 
Happy Sailing
Herlihy Sailing (no RSS)
It’s a Necessity 
Lady Bear Family
Laridae: A Voyage of Siegels
Leaving Land
Life Aboard Bliss 
Love at First Sail 
My Sailing Boat
Ocean Vagabonds
Oh Sail Yes! 
s/v Apropos 
s/v Brio
S/V Refuge
S/V Strider
S/Y Felice
Sailing Ohana
Sailing Vesper
Sailing with Kids 
Sailing with Lil’ Explorers Catamaran
Setting a Course
Shambala Sails
SV Baila
sv ‘Ohana
SV On the Bright Side
Szeleky Family off to Sail
the adventures of Tig & Serena
The Crazy Chronicles 
The travels of s/v Gypsy Queen 
To Sea or Not To See
Uma família Açoriana Feed
Wandering Dolphin
Windward Adventures

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