Personal coaching: ask the cruiser

Do you have questions about cruising? Want some help figuring out how to realize the dream, choose the boat, prepare (without going broke!), stay safe, or just better understand what it’s really like? We’re mentoring people to answer those questions.

Cruising Coaching

Sailboat with Anaho Bay Mountains

Totem in Anaho Bay, Nuku Hiva, in French Polynesia’s Marquesa Islands

We draw from depth and breadth of cruising and professional experience to offer thoughtful, meaningful guidance unique to individual circumstances:

Preparing for cruising. Research, courses, and reading: what’s helpful, what’s money down the drain.

Boat selection. We’ll learn about what’s important for you, then discuss boats that fit your needs and plans. When you’re ready to buy, we can evaluating listings for value or red flags, interpreting options and how they trickle into preparation costs.

Systems & gear. Based on your goals, practical information to help you equip your boat. Stay safe and comfortable in your planned cruising grounds, without hemorrhaging from the cruising kitty.

Reality check. What’s everyday cruising actually like, vs. the books, blogs and videos? How do you stay safe? What factors help families succeed afloat? Let us help demystify any aspect of life aboard, from maintenance to sex (yep, I went there).


Scouting fur seal colonies on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast


How does our mentoring work?

We’ll email you a brief form to complete so that we can learn about your experience, goals, and questions. Then, we’ll set a time to connect with you: ideally over skype, but by email if that’s not possible.

No two consultations are alike but a two month engagement is common, during which we’ll spend time talking over Skype or phone and do unlimited Q&A over email. Subscription-based monthly renewal continues access for ongoing guidance to evaluate boat listings, gear lists, or talk through any other questions you have. $100/month: cancel anytime.


Get in touch, and we’ll make a plan to get you cruising.

Kids hike to sailboats in the bay at San Juanico

Hiking back to the anchorage in San Juanico, Baja California Sur

About Behan & Jamie

Jamie was previously a professional sailor and sailmaker with extensive racing experience. He and Behan sailed thousands of miles with babies aboard in Puget Sound, then tens of thousands of miles more while cruising around the world with their family. Let our experience help you get out on the water!

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