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Does the freedom of cruising call you? Wondering how to realize the dream, choose the boat, prepare (without going broke!), stay safe, or just better understand what it’s really like? Looking for post-departure help to smooth out the wrinkles and get on an even keel?

We’re mentoring people to answer those questions, whether their goal is to explore a familiar coastline or sail around the world.
Totem in Anaho Bay, Nuku Hiva, in French Polynesia’s Marquesa Islands

What can we help you with?

We draw from depth and breadth of cruising and professional experience to offer thoughtful guidance unique to individual circumstances.
Early planning stages: reality check on big picture planning, what it’s really like, realistic budgeting (what’s online is largely useless in our view), prioritizing skills tasks to depart, and common pitfalls to avoid on the path to your dream
While actively boat shopping: critical insight to right-size the boat budget, considerations for different boat types suited to your specific cruising intentions; we also help make you a smarter buyer, both to evaluate listings, educate on pitfalls to avoid in purchase process; we’re able to provide referrals to trusted brokers and surveyors
Countdown to departure:  when you’re marching towards a date, the pace of big decisions is stressful! We’re a good pressure release valve, able to help shortcut decisions with balanced guidance so you can avoid refit woes, manage safety/security concerns, and plan for a successful transition from land life
Post-departure: we support active cruisers with big-picture guidance on routing strategy, weather insight, regional planning, maintenance troubleshooting, new equipment, and more

How does it work?

Monthly engagement starts with a video call (up to 90 minutes); we try to have at least a couple of those per month, with mail Q&A between. You are encouraged to email questions we can respond to between calls. Calls can be 8am – 8pm our time, any day of the week.
Coaching clients are invited to a closed Facebook group that includes additional resources, training tools, and discussion of real-time concerns.

To get started, start by returning this brief questionnaire (WordPDF) to inform us about your experience, goals, and concerns. Contact us for availability.  Submit payment via PayPal, then we’ll find a time for our first session.
Scouting fur seal colonies on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast


Remote coaching. Best for helping through your process and questions to realize cruising success.
  • Three month retainer: $300
  • Annual retainer: $1000
  • Karma pricing: pay as you see fit. Thin in the wallet? We get it. Tell us what you need, we’ll help! Feeling flush? Our rates are absurdly low. We appreciate clients who can afford to pay the “real world” rate for our consulting service; it better enables us to support those that can’t.
Concierge support. Best for helping through a discrete need, or if you want to trial a session without a longer commitment.
  • Concierge consulting: $50 per 30 minute increment
Onsite Guidance
There is no substitute for instructed learning on your own boat. Fundamental skills of cruising often have unexpected challenges or happen out of range of professional help. From learning stress-less anchoring to teaching you how to inspect your rigging, we can help you start cruising with better skills and more confidence.
Hands-on learning topics  we help cruisers with include:
  • Pre- and post- purchase boat evaluation
  • Rigging and sails inspection
  • Sail trim and sail handling
  • Anchoring techniques
  • Navigation and piloting
  • Managed and electrical and water resources
  • Weather routing guidance
  • Debriefing experiences to improve sailing smarts
Rate: $50/work-hour, $100 minimum, any travel expenses. Subject to our availability; a fee may apply if extended downtime is required for travel.


About Behan & Jamie

Jamie was previously a professional sailor and sailmaker with extensive racing experience. Behan is a former tech marketer and co-author of Voyaging with Kids. Together they sailed thousands of miles with babies aboard in Puget Sound, then tens of thousands of miles more while cruising around the world with their family. In April 2018 they completed a circumnavigation, and continue cruising today.

Whether setting off on a sailing sabbatical or open-ended cruising lifestyle, we can help guide you along this unscripted course.  

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