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This week our family has the incredible opportunity to share our story to a wide audience thanks an interview with Megyn Kelly on TODAY. Hopefully the morning interlude offered these newcomers inspiration and a few minutes to contemplate a different way of life.

We can’t know what will happen until the actual interview. While I expect we may be called to address some of the common questions about cruising, like storms (haven’t been in one) and pirates (knowable regions, don’t go there) and educating our children (our oldest starts college next month), hopefully we’ve been able to communicate that this is an accessible dream. I’ll call success if we crack the door for others choose a more adventurous life, whether that’s afloat like ours or along different path. [Update: I think we did! Watch below!]

People make radical changes in their lives for all kinds of reasons. We looked forward to more time together as a family, a chance to raise children as citizens of the world, to appreciate the privilege of being born with choices and options in our lives, to know the diverse natural wonders of our planet first hand so they might play a role in protecting it. What we didn’t anticipate is how deeply fulfilling it would be.

Important reasons why it’s fulfilling connected recently in an unlikely source. Sebastian Junger’s book Tribe is about PTSD and the challenges military vets face after coming home, but in talking about the benefits of a cohesive society alleviating the incidence of PTSD his book nails assets of the cruising life:

…human beings need three basic things in order to be content: they need to feel competent at what they do; they need to feel authentic in their lives; and they need to feel connected to others. These values are considered “intrinsic” to human happiness and far outweigh “extrinsic” values such as beauty, money and status.

Competence comes with time (we know many cruisers who started with very little actual sailing experience. As in, no prior experience at all). Living your values, your dreams, begets feeling authentic with life choices. Our family is tight, as is our community: Kevin Bacon has nothing on degrees of separation among cruisers.

Choosing cruising meant departing from a life measured in extrinsic values in favor of those intrinsic values, a switch  that brought unanticipated contentment. We’d like to help others find that peace, which is why we’re here: why this blog is written, why we’re interviewing with Megyn Kelly, why we put our private selves out there.

I suspect many of the broader audience watching TODAY this morning assumes such big changes are out of their reach. In fact, it’s much more achievable than most imagine; the hardest part is making the switch. Not saying someday, or it’s OK for someone else, or I don’t have the time / funds / freedom; not that, but setting a date, making a plan, and following through.

We long held the dream, but only morphed it into a plan after many years. With a departure date and a commitment, we papered the biggest uninterrupted wall in our home with what Jamie called The Giant Map of Dreams. It had a whiteboard-like surface allowed us to use the 14 foot long map as a creative space. Where could we go? Jamie and I marked dream destinations with dry erase markers, noting the bays we hoped to visit. Our younger children added continents and countries from their imaginations. We did not begin to conceive of the stories these places would tell, of the people we would meet. That swimming with sharks would come to feel almost natural. That babies in faraway places would be named for our children. That wild islands would stop us speechless with their grandeur, or bleached reefs shake us with their fragility. That a little girl in a dugout canoe would ask to trade three underripe, undersized tomatoes for basic writing tools. That everywhere, we’d be reminded that our world is full of beautiful people with their own stories to share. That too often, we’d learn about social injustice and experience environmental devastation first hand.

Now the map of our chartplotter traces a line for the route we’ve sailed Totem around the world. The Giant Map did its job of feeding  dreams of sailing to exotic places. We realize now the impossibility of visiting everywhere we hoped, at least on the first lap. But we’ve grown appreciation for finding the magic in ordinary places – it’s always there, somewhere! – while reaching some of our dreamed-of anchorages as well.

Think it might be for you? Pick up a few books. Watch some videos. Set a date. Let us know if we can help.

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  1. I haven’t watched broadcast TV in years, but I was a diligent TODAY Show viewer this morning, watching on my phone via our Internet provider’s TV service, while in a rental car waiting room after having dropped our car at the body shop (for the second time this year… still haven’t found the “crash into me” sign on our car, but I’m sure it’s there). Candace and my mom watched on the iPad at home.

    It was worth it… very exciting to see you all looking so glamorous, telling your story, which now seems so familiar to us, but no less inspiring. Looking forward to seeing you all this summer!

    Great job!!
    Josh & Candace

  2. Such a beautiful post Behan and Jamie, and congrats on the Today show appearance, where your intelligence, family camaraderie, and humor shined through.

  3. Well done Team Totem, great tv appearance, especially well done to the kids – must have been a bit nerve racking but they came across so confident and articulate!

  4. Behan and Jamie, Just over 2 years ago my husband and I came up with the bizarre idea of selling our home and possibly living on a boat. As I began to research this crazy idea, your blog was the first I came across. I thought if they can do it, then we sure can! We have now been full-time cruisers for 15 months. Now, I have to admit that we are power boaters and have hugged the east coast, the infamous ICW, but we are feeling that this won’t be enough. Learning to sail and go out beyond the shore of the USA is possibly in our future! I can’t begin to express to you how much I admire what you have done! Your family is in a new phase as Niall goes off to college, with the girls not far behind. You have given them a most wonderful gift and I commend your wholehearted commitment to parenting! (ignore any of those who criticize, it’s only because they aren’t brave enough to stretch out of their comfort zone!)~ Stephanie

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