Introducing Totem merchandise

jamie shirt front
A little while back, two things happened nearly simultaneously. Friends and readers noticed that our friend Brian wore a Totem t-shirt in the opening sequence of videos in his popular YouTube channel, SV Delos. Concurrently, I got an email from Aurelia at 3 Tees, an eco-conscious screen printing company, reaching out to ask if we’d be interested in printing up gear. Problem presented and solved, in one fell swoop! I love that Aurelia cruises in New England with her family: she GETS us, has been a big help with keeping the process simple (me: whaaa? designing stuff? printing? shipping?) and she appreciates how important we felt this gear be produced as sustainably as possible.

Thanks to readers who nudged, and Aurelia who reached out, we’re excited to introduce Totem merchandise.

Starting out with tees, a cap, and the perfect boat bag, all gear has had a solid test drive on Totem. The organic cotton is yummy soft. The durable hemp tote is just the right size for shore excursions and market runs. The comfortable, adjustable cap is Jamie’s go-to. Feel good about it: products are all organic, and use a more earth friendly water based print process. (Sizing note: womens run about one size small, to our fit, but mens/unisex are spot on.)
L-R: with Tambi from Sailboat Story; entering an anchorage; Brian in the Delos intro

The shirts look a little different than Brian’s– that was a VERY limited edition printed with “Indian Ocean 2015.” (I think we had 10 of them made at a shop in Phuket, basically just enough for our crew plus a couple of guests we were expecting!) These have Totem’s logotype and unique orca design on the front. Inspired by Haida artwork, the orca was designed for us by a former cruising kid back before we left Bainbridge Island (look for a surprise in the artwork…I’m not telling). On the back of the shirts: a map with the track we have traveled around the world, and the shoutout to LIVE ADVENTUROUSLY – because doing that, with our family, is exactly what this life is all about!

Map of Totem track around the world

totem hemp bag

Connect to the store through the image below or by visiting More about products on our new Merchandise page, too.

enter store

niall shirt back

Questions? Get in touch with us, or the crew at 3 Tees !

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  1. Just bought a hat!

    Store design comment: The type used in the forms is a pale gray or it seems to be on my displays. Suggest it should be black. There are a scad of cruisers out there in bright sunlight who are itching for Totem loot so the easier it is for them to order…

    Best to all & Cheers!

    1. Thanks for picking up a hat Jim, love to see it in a picture on Amity later! Appreciate feedback on the shop text readability, working on updates to those pages.

  2. YAY! Ordered Jimmy’s shirt as soon as I saw this. He was out sailing again today!


  3. This is great! Big Totem and Delos fans here! Can’t count how many times at the start of watching a Delos episode I’d say to my husband ‘How’d Brian get a Totem shirt… I want one!’ So excited to pick one up and support you guys in the process… think I might need the matching tote bag too! You’ve been a huge inspiration to us! Cheers! Love from PA!

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