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lesotho houses

From the ocean to the sky: land cruising in Lesotho

Road tripping from our landfall in South Africa, there was time to loop out and see at least one other country. We decided to include the kingdom of Lesotho on our route: partly because it came well recommended (thanks to everyone who chimed in!), partly because the frosty mountains seemed as different as we could […]

cobb in comoros

Gifts for sailors: ideas for the cruisers in your life

Who wants to cut into the cruising kitty for gifts that won’t work when you take off? It’s just about that time of year, so Jamie and I came up with a list of fun and affordable gifts based on our everyday cruising life. Maybe some of these will fit the sailor in yours! We […]


Gone wild: a week in Pilanesberg

For a long time we have looked forward to visiting Jamie’s aunt and uncle in South Africa. They moved to Johannesburg as expats in the 70s, and have made this country their home. In the 23 years Jamie and I have been together, we’d only seen Barb and Clyde once, on a visit back to […]


Land cruising in Africa

We dreamed about the iconic wildlife we’d have the chance to see in South Africa. But when we sketched out our plans to sail across the Indian Ocean, seeing them for ourselves in the vast parklands of South Africa felt dubious. Safari prices, at first blush, were well out of our reach. We’d be there […]


10 reasons to love cruising in Madagascar

Madagascar might just be the perfect mix of different things we find to love in cruising destinations. Most boats crossing the Indian Ocean stop in, unless they are on a delivery or a schedule to get around the world; I don’t need to convince any cruisers to make it a destination. But for those contemplating cruising in […]


Madagascar’s stunning Barren Islands

South of Madagascar’s Cap St Andre is a sprinkling of islands, around 15 nautical miles off the coast. They’re aptly called the Barren Islands: some are no more than long spits of sand, just a couple of meters above sea level, and most have no more than thin sandy soil. I sat down today with the […]


Passage hindsight: sailing from Madagascar to South Africa

Sailing from Madagascar to South Africa is technically challenging. The Mozambique Channel separating them is famously dangerous, in particular for the effect of gales blowing up from the Southern Ocean against the south-setting Agulhas current. For a reference point that may translate better to sailors in North America, I’m told it’s comparable to experiencing a […]

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