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Delos Totem Chagos 640

I love sharing our experiences sailing across the Indian Ocean. Along the way from Malaysia to South Africa, we’re hanging out with some other really terrific bloggers. I want to give a shoutout to a number of them for additional views into the places we’ve been visiting: they are a mix of thoughtful perspectives, good writing, lush photographs, cool videos, or just plain fun.


Towards the end of our month in Chagos, we met the crew of Shakespeare. The four French women on this speedy 47’ sloop boat are doing a seven month loop of the Indian Ocean from their home on Reunion. Their blog is all French, but Google Translate is your friend here! Aline has been taking spectacular videos. Bonus points for anyone who can spot Totem kids in their Chagos video!

Shakespeare’s blog is at

shakespeare in chagos
Shakespeare- and Utopia II- in Chagos


Sage is a Wauquiez 38 crewed by a very experienced Canadian couple. This is Tony and Connie’s second time cruising (they did a Pacific lap a number of years ago, on a boat they built). They jump into local events and interaction faster than just about anyone we’ve met, and do a beautiful job of bringing places to life on their blog.

Sage’s blog is at

solstice sri lanka
Solstice arrival in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka


Bill left southern California about a year after we headed south of the border, and we’ve been offset until meeting up in Malaysia last year. His reflections on the places we’ve been typically lag by a few months, but that often gives him an additional level of perspective on the places  that the rest of us react to at more of a gut level.

Solstice shares the domain with the sistership cruisers on Hokule’a; jump to Bill’s log here.


Other fellow 2015 Indian Ocean travelers with really fantastic blogs are already on our Links page: Ceilydh (Diane writes professionally, and it shows!), Crystal Blues (who produces detailed guides along their visit), Delos (BEST VIDEOS EVER), and Momo (another pro writer, and a tenured cruising family). Good reads for a peek into Indian Ocean cruising, whether you’re an armchair sailor or planning your own voyage!

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