Fundraiser: kids & kittens at the shipyard


A few days ago, I posted the photo above to Totem’s Facebook page with the following caption:

We’ve decided the scooters on Totem will have an extended useful life if they stay with the kids in the shipyard instead of coming across the Indian Ocean with us. How many paved roads are there in Maldivian atolls, anyway? This little guy is really too cute for words. We lowered handlebars as far as they could go for him and he won’t let it out of his grip.

One of our followers, Mike F., was inspired to send a scooter to the kids here… then realized how outrageous the shipping costs are. Shipping costs alone could probably buy several scooters already IN Thailand! It didn’t make sense.

We came up with the following solution:

  • raise some money from interested folks,
  • buy a scooter (or three) in Thailand on their behalf,
  • use any excess to buy the kids’ school supplies,
  • deliver scooters to the kids before we sail away.

Here’s the catch: there’s less than a week to do this, because the shipyard would prefer to leave fulfillment with us, and we should be launching as soon as December 4th.

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I’ll post updates to Facebook as funds are raised, and answer any questions here (and on FB), and share pictures of goodies going to kids on the eve of our departure.

Did you know about the kittens?

While we’re raising a few dollars, I’ll put the shipyard kittens out there too. Six motherless kittens (and two puppies) were found in the lumber storage at the shipyard, are currently being cared for by our daughters in what’s become the critter nursery inside the PSS shipyard offices. Barring adoption by a yachtie passing through, they’ll not be “pets” but live in the shipyard: but first, they  need to get bigger and stronger to survive independently…not to mention, a few trips to the vet for worms, skin fungus, and eye infections.

Caring for the kittens has been the mission for our girls during our stay at the shipyard! Please consider donating towards costs of kitten care, and we’ll make sure they’re well supplied with kitten chow and litter before we depart. Just mention it in the memo field what portion of your donation is for the kittens, or let me know through our contact form.

12/1 UPDATE:

We have raised more than $900 dollars since this was posted yesterday. I am blown away by your generosity. This will do SO MUCH GOOD! Julie has made a list of the kids of the shipyard workers, and is talking to parents about their needs. We can get shiny scooters, yes. Soccer balls, too. And with all this, we can also help their families in a very real way with school uniforms and supplies- constraints that keep some kids from going to school. The kittens will have a deep stash of kibble, too! We’ll have a party to share the goodies and news with the kids on either Wednesday or Thursday, Dec 3 or 4- still need to confirm (at this point, contingent on having enough time to do all the shopping!).

12/2 UPDATE:

Well that was overwhelming, in the best possible way. We’ve raised nearly $1,400 for the kids & kittens from you wonderful humans who read this and felt the . I’m using the time we have left to work with the yard on how to best meet the needs of families here, and shopping to meet those needs.



at the vet

kittens (2)

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