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Mexico sunrise

This week we hit our six year cruisaversary. On August 21, 2008, friends sailed us out of the entrance to Eagle Harbor, Washington, and on our way to adventures afloat. We did not anticipate that we’d be out this long, not knowing at what ages the children might pine for “normal” land lives, how the life would meet our expectations, or we’d string together our finances. With lumps in the road, it still has stuck together, and I am grateful every day to live this life afloat with my family.

To celebrate six years, Jamie pulled a digital track of our travels since departure (and a small party of fellow sailors!). Between changes in technology in general, and in the systems we’ve used to record our travels, this took a bit of doing- but the result gives us a cool lookback as well as something to share.


The overview still kinda makes me say- WOW. We did that? But we did. And in our own time, our own pace, enjoying most of the steps along the way.

Jamie’s also made this into a KML file we can look at in Google earth. Flying in and out of our adventures was a glorious distraction for me this afternoon.


This took took Jamie quite a long time, in great part because it was impossible not to relive great memories as each leg came together.  So he’s annotated with pins to mark stops that stood out, like the time we spent a week seeing and hearing fin whales feed in the channel between Isla Coronado and Baja. It’s the top pin in the shot below.

Mexico- zoomed

Then there that look at our miles crossing the Pacific ocean. DANG. That is a lot of water. I dreamed about this.


Want to come fly through our adventures? I’ll post a link to the downloadable file here, and on our Facebook page – that’s the best place for updates, so come along!


To begin automatically downloading the KMZ file and cruise through our journey via Google Earth, just click here.

 Jazzed up readers know we love it when you read this on the Sailfeed website.

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  1. Wow! Congratulations on 6 years of adventure. As we approach our 1 year anniversary traveling with our kids, we can only dream of 6. We can’t believe how much life we have lived in a year together and we can’t imagine how that is magnified by where you stand. We are so honored to follow your journey!

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