Testing day: mechanical and technical

979 targets in Singapore

Today’s a day of tests, in two very different ways- Totem’s Yanmar engine, and Totem’s blog!

Mechanical: the engine

With a clean bill of health for our overheating woes, we are heading out today for a trial run. We want to make sure it behaves as desired before we departing on the ~3 day passage across to Borneo. Today’s distance of about 50 nautical miles, across the bottom of Singapore, should give us an excellent indication of whether the overheating problems are truly resolved.

Cross your fingers for us, because we sure don’t want to be dealing with overheating problems in the nutty Singapore port traffic. When we were there just recently, our AIS topped out nearly a THOUSAND targets picked up in a 5 mile range. Holy freakamole!

Technical: the blog

With some big milestones coming up (nearly 500 posts! Peeking up at 1,000,000 visitors!), I’m giving the blog a facelift. It’s evolved quite a bit since I started this, wow, seven years ago! Hopefully the new look will make information easier to find, and meanwhile, it’s should make things easier for me to manage. I would love to know what you think: please reply in the comments, or Totem’s Facebook page, or send me an email!

That “easier to manage” part will probably take some time: at the moment of course it’s fraught with transition pains. Please bear with me with a few hiccups for now, while I work out all the bits that need to transition. It’s been in tough competition with other priorities: meeting old friends for the first time (a cruising boat, Madrona we’ve been in touch with for several years but hadn’t met in person), saying goodbye to friends here on the Peninsula who will soon be Indian Ocean bound, provisioning up for Borneo, and the myriad of little things that all take more time on a boat. And meanwhile, we have some miles to put under the keel… and they won’t come with internet access.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me!

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  1. Any way you could post a page with a list of each article you have written for 48 North, page number and a link to the specific article. Some articles will probably be more interesting for some than others, and it would make it easy to go back and find them for reference later. I know you have a couple of them that I’ve read in the past, but too much trouble to go back and pull up each issue to find them. I love reading your stuff!

    1. Hi Ana, I love the idea of being able to easily connect from the blog directly to our 48 North articles, but it’s a little complicated, as you found, because online editions link to the full issue. I can’t link directly to an article. I’ll think about options. This past year, I’ve often put our articles in the blog as well- they’re tagged 48 North and should be findable with a search.

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