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24 hours under martial law

On May 22, a military coup displaced the elected government in Thailand. They enacted martial law, put a curfew in place, dispersed protests, and quelled media. On May 24, we entered Thailand for a tourist visit. Did we have to go? Well, Malaysian visas for the kids and I were about to expire (Jamie had […]


Installing Silentwind: power projects aboard

This could be the shortest post ever, because installing the Silentwind wind generator was a non-event. The instructions were easy to follow. It took three hours, including decommissioning our old turbine and installing Silentwind. It worked immediately. WIN! Ease of installation (and instant gratification!) matter to us because of the sharp contrast with our prior […]


Celebrating National Maritime Day with a flag giveaway (up to $50)

I love flags. Growing up, my family had a rotating parade of flags, and changing the flag in front of our house was a memorable ritual. Living on a boat and cruising mean lots of opportunities to keep indulging my love of flags- from our ensign, to international courtesy flags, to the occasional burgee or […]


Cooking with a Solar Oven aboard

We’re in the tropics. There is a lot of sun. We can cook with the sun. It makes sense, right? Still, you don’t see a lot of solar ovens on boats- and that’s too bad. 1. Your galley stays cool. This is an excellent feature for retaining the sanity of the primary cook aboard (moi) […]


Choosing a wind generator: power projects aboard

Increasing energy produced from wind and sun are part of our ongoing power projects on Totem. Silentwind was a clear standout from the available options, with the two key benefits we wanted: more power, and QUIET. The cool blue blades? Bonus. But let me back up a little… there’s more to the story. When we […]


Top 10 signs it’s time to leave the island

We may not be with the fleet heading to Africa (this year), but it’s time to go. Here’s how to know when you really should move on to a new place: 10. Gooseneck barnacles reach the toe rail. 9. The latest charts show your vessel as a hazard. 8. Baby birds emerge from nests under the […]


Passagemaking dreams

The unmistakable bellow of conch horns echoed around the bay yesterday morning as the 50′ sloop Love Song headed out, bound for the Indian Ocean. Next stop: Maldives, if they need fuel, otherwise- Mauritius! With a likely three thousand mile passage looming, their exit earned a salute. Love Song was the latest in a series […]

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