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Resort-style cruising: two weeks at Rebak

We like to take the road less traveled, and chose anchoring in a quiet bay over tying up in a marina, but it was a fine change of pace to soak up the resort style benefits of the Rebak Resort & Marina while my parents were visiting. It reminded me that cruising comes in all […]


Joining the SAILfeed blogger team

My first sailing magazine subscription, when I was a teen, was to SAIL. My husband started even sooner (a Christmas gift when he was 12). Times have changed, but not that much. Where Jamie and I once papered our bedrooms and dorm rooms with centerfolds that had names like Endeavour, IMP, and Scarlett O’Hara (cut […]


Not such a unique boat name after all

One of the criteria we had when selecting a name for Totem was to find something unique: we didn’t want to be another Jenny in the anchorage. When choosing her name, We scoured the internet for ideas (I wish Funny Boat Names had existed at the time- this entertaining site organizes boat names by personality type, […]


Halloween on a cruising kid boat

How do you keep holiday traditions alive while cruising? I worried about this before we took off as a family. I was afraid that our kids would someday feel cheated, like they’d missed out on the cultural rituals of an American childhood. We’ve now celebrated the last six Halloweens in six different countries (I have […]

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