Joining the SAILfeed blogger team

Reading on the bow

My first sailing magazine subscription, when I was a teen, was to SAIL. My husband started even sooner (a Christmas gift when he was 12).

Times have changed, but not that much. Where Jamie and I once papered our bedrooms and dorm rooms with centerfolds that had names like Endeavour, IMP, and Scarlett O’Hara (cut from the pages of SAIL, or their annual calendar), now we have the warm teak of our own boat’s interior, posted with photos of more pedestrian boats in tropical anchorages, and other souvenirs of the Pacific- and SAIL blogs on the feed to our ipad.

So somehow it seems a little bit like coming home to join SAIL’s blogger circle on SAILfeed, the magazine’s online hub for boating news and information. Yet as much as it nods to familiar territory, it’s joining a group of experience in breadth and depth so far beyond my own that I can’t quite believe I get to claim membership. SAILfeed seeks to aggregate the best into one location, to inform and entertain, bringing writers across the spectrum from racing, to cruising, to gear and electronics and opinions or personalities.

If you’re enjoying following Totem’s blog, check out SAILfeed! If you follow Totem through our SAILfeed link or subscribe to the RSS feed, it also throws some change into our cruising kitty- let’s call that a win/win situation!

Meanwhile, as winter closes in, whatever your bent on boating- there’s probably a post from a SAILfeed blogger to suit your interests. And if you’re of a certain age and choose to feel nostalgic, go ahead and make a centerfold: they’re talking about Gunboat 60s over there… my secret crush (don’t tell Totem!).

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  1. Congrats Giffords! While you might feel uncomfortable in the (new) company you are keeping, there is a lot of insight and experience in what you share and the way you share it. Keep up the great work and thank you!

  2. Very cool. Looks like you will be having the same content on both sites there? I went to the SailFeed page and could not see how to follow. I found the RSS subscribe link, but not a follow link or button.

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